Beethoven — Symphony No. 5

Sony Classical, 2020 CD

Teodor Currentzis (quote from album booklet):

«What most people know about Beethoven is the result of the performance practice of the 20th century, entering our lives through the legacy of famous post-romantic recordings. The musical consciousness of our times is a summary of statements from these interpretations that has been taken for granted, as if it were something natural and authentic. It appears to have evolved into a vicious circle with recycling of the same post-romantic flavour.

My only desire for this recording is to bring to the music dramaturgy of the Fifth Symphony the so called κάθαρσις* in all possible states, starting from the physical state of metronome and form, to the spiritual state of “music not to be found in the notes”.

Beethoven, a true martyr of his time, who overcame great difficulties in his life of suffering, being completely misunderstood by his contemporaries, and also during the following centuries, has become a beacon of untouchable beauty in art. Of course, it is not the moral beauty of proportion, easy to capture, but an immoral and invigorating beauty of light that may burn. All the high intention of this music, all this incredible energy may purify the listeners and send this new ray of light into their consciousness and spirit.»

* κάθαρσις is a Greek word that means purification.

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