In the new podcast episode, you can hear a recording of a lecture by Father Kirill (Kopeikin). The physicist and theologist talks about the concept of light in Biblical tradition and the way it gave birth to relativity theory and quantum mechanics, which led to a radical worldview overhaul in the 21st century. The evolution […]
“Life Amidst The Pandemic” is the topic for season 2 of FM Module. Episode 14, which opens the new season, is focused on “touch” in the sense we know from the contemporary media reality.
Episode 13 of FM Module is a poetic tribute to the black hole. The “unlucky” number 13 is not the focus here: instead of darkness, chaos and destruction, the episode mostly dives into the matter of entity transformation. The black hole is terrifying yet alluring. Bending space and time, it can bring one’s dreams true: […]
«The winds themselves are invisible, but what they do is manifest to us, and we sense their approach somewhere.»(Socrates, quoted after Hannah Arendt, Denken ohne Gelander) Episode 11 of FM Module submerges you into the Ocean and the planetary dialectics hidden in its depths. Monolithic yet inherently shifting, the Ocean gives birth to all the […]
In episode 10 of FM Module, we continue exploring the Interface. This time, we ponder on how it’s going to evolve after (and independently from) human beings. The media interface reaches its peak in virtual reality — the point where the line between human and The Other [human / machine] becomes as blurred as ever. […]
Episode 9 of FM Module is on air. This double feature is dedicated to the Interface — the great and fear-inducing, the close and unreachable. Interfaces are what unites and disjoints the world which used to be whole but has long been viewed as a paradigm of binary oppositions. Today, the language of communication between […]