Beethoven is a classic of a caliber just as grand as his older contemporaries: Haydn and Mozart. His peers, however, deemed him an art revolutionary and a breaker of traditions. So who was that genius, respected by classical connoisseurs and the avant-garde crowd alike? Musicologist Larisa Kirillina, the leading Russian researcher of Beethoven’s works, gives […]
Episode 4 of “Schnittke’s Creative Landscape” encompasses the religious and moral aspects of Alfred Schnittke’s philosophy. It also gets viewers acquainted with several of the composer’s works, which include Violin Concerto No.2, Requiem, and Choral Concerto (set to Grigor Narekatsi’s lyrics). Music pieces mentioned in the episode:1. A. Schnittke. Violin Concerto No.2 (1966).Performed by G. Kremer […]
In the new episode of “Alfred Schnittke’s Creative Landscape”, Valentina Nikolaevna Kholopova and Ilya Gaisin continue their discussion of the composer’s milestone works, highlighting not only their backstories and philosophical concepts but also Schnittke’s personal attitude to those music pieces. In the video description, you can find links to full recordings of the Viola Concerto […]
We are continuing the discussion of Alfred Schnittke’s music. In the second episode of “Scnittke’s Creative Landscape, violinist and conductor Ilya Gaisin talks to professor Valentina Nikolaevna Kholopova about two of Schnittke’s symphonic masterpieces (Symphonies No. 3 and 4) and all things connected to those. We recommend that you take a listen to those symphonies […]
We continue our journey into the world of Alfred Schnittke’s music. Today, our guide is Valentina Kholopova — Moscow Conservatory professor, Doctor of Art Criticism and one of the leading specialists on Schnittke’s works. Valentina Nikolaevna is remotely interviewed by violinist and conductor Ilya Gaisin; this is the first time in the existence of the […]
Podcast is produced in Russian We’re continuing our exploration of audial perception — the most important one, musically. Today, musicAeterna digital platform hosts the first educational podcast based on “Noise / Anti-noise”, a lecture by Evgeniy Voronovsky. About noise turning into music and music turning into noise. About something that has been accompanying mankind since […]