October 1, 13:00

Choral Meetings at Dom Radio



In the new season, musicAeterna resumes its choral workshop “Raspev” and invites everyone interested in choral singing practice to Dom Radio.



Every Saturday from 13.00 to 14.30, one of the artists of the musicAeterna choir will teach one piece of their own choice with the project participants. The genres will range from one-voice Russian spiritual chants to jazz, from romantic classics to simple modern opuses. Each meeting consists of a personal acquaintance with the soloist of the musicAeterna choir, a small conversation about the proposed composition, a vocal warm-up, learning the parts by notes and – finally – performing the work to everyone’s delight.

Within the framework of the project, there is no division into performers and listeners – all project participants are immersed in music on equal terms using the most accessible of instruments, their own voice. The goal of the project is not to create an amateur choir or concert performances, but to create an atmosphere in which you can sing together, learn something new about music and your own abilities and, most importantly, enjoy the process of common creativity. At the same time, participants will be able to get to know the soloists of the musicAeterna choir, each of them being a bright creative personality with their own musical tastes and style preferences.


Arina Mirsajetova
October 1, 13:00

Choral Meetings at Dom Radio

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