FM Модуль #10. Schnittstelle — Interface 2

In episode 10 of FM Module, we continue exploring the Interface. This time, we ponder on how it’s going to evolve after (and independently from) human beings.

The media interface reaches its peak in virtual reality — the point where the line between human and The Other [human / machine] becomes as blurred as ever. This is how the Interface claims power. We’ve lost control not only over progress but over the limits of our own consciousness as well. In Western robotics tradition, machine aims to become human; In Eastern one, machine is an independent subject. Robots can have their own goals, make their own decisions, follow their own arc of evolution… Isn’t it high time we stopped and drew the line between ourselves and The Other?

Featured in the episode: Fatih Akin, Andreas Ammer, Rica Blunck, Benjamin Bratton, Caspar Brotzmann, Alexander R. Galloway, Alexander Hacke, Burkhard von Harder, Heinrich Heine, Sebastian Hufschmidt, Volker Kamp, Saskia von Klitzing, David Link/Poetry Machine, Heiner Muller, Gunter Ruger, Robert Schumann, Donna Summer, JG Thirlwell, Idil Uner, Orson Welles, Siegfried Zielinski

Track list

  1. Hammermorder (Music: FM Einheit) for a crime movie
  2. Half the world (Text & voice: Alexander R. Galloway. Music: FM Einheit)
  3. Skriker (Music: Caspar Brotzmann)
  4. The Languages of machine interaction_Svalbard (Text & voice: Benjamin Bratton. Music: FM Einheit)
  5. Art & Apparatus_telematics (Text & voice: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)
  6. Emitter Alpha (Text: David Link. Music: FM Einheit. Voices: FM & Poetry Machine)
  7. Admiral Byrd_Operation highjump (Text: Andreas Ammer. Music: FM Einheit. Voices: JG Thirlwell & Sebastian Hufschmidt) from the Radio Drama “Neuschwabenland-Symphonie”
  8. The Languages of machine interaction_Robotics (Text & voice: Benjamin Bratton. Music: FM Einheit)
  9. Winter Narbe (Music: FM Einheit) From the motion picture Die Narbe by Burkhard von Harder
  10. Art & Apparatus_experimentation (Text & voice: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)
  11. Who are Hebrew (Text: David Link. Music: FM Einheit. Voices: Rica Blunck, FM, Poetry Machine)
  12. Pots (Text & music: FM Einheit & Siegfried Zielinski) from the Radio drama Das Auge isst mit, mit dem Ohr kocht man
  13. The Languages of machine interaction_future (Text & voice: Benjamin Bratton. Music: FM Einheit) 
  14. die alten bosen Lieder (Text: Heinrich Heine. Music: Robert Schumann, Brotzmann, Einheit. Voice: Idel Uner) a film by Fatih Akin
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