The Byzantine authors just imitated the classical ones, without creating anything original. Their literature is a crooked mirror, where you can’t get to the facts through parables. The Christian Empire had no sense of humour; each text was a theological preachment. We refute these and other stereotypes in a new episode of our podcast — […]
Next Thursday, April 15 at 19:30, watch Daniil Zinchenko’s Tinnitus on the musicAeterna digital platform. What began as a film about ’ritual electronic music’ from the town of Fryazino near Moscow, changed direction after the death of one of the protagonists and expanded into new themes, images, and plots. The Yuzhinsky Circle, John Duncan’s performance, […]
Older than the rarest artefacts and still irreplaceable, existing outside of the human body and inseparable from the human mind, reporting military secrets and whispering love confessions — the new episode of the Module is about the Voice. Track list 1. Batman brät Fische (FM Einheit) 2. Mindpower (excerpt) (Paul deMarinis) 3. Rosettas Tanz (Stein […]
A new addition to our film collection: watch Daniel Zinchenko’s film Elixir on the musicAeterna digital platform on 18 March at 19:30 (MSK). The main characters, a scientist and his assistant, create an elixir for the resurrection of the dead, while officials search for the Carpenter capable of turning water into oil. Thus Russian cosmism […]
The instinctual and orgasmic representative in Freudianism; the preserve of Kairos, the god of favorable moments; the oldest media available to us — all this is the human voice. We’ll have a closer look at the spoken word in the new episode of FM Module. ⠀ Siegfried Zielinski: «Transferred into a package of data, you […]
How did philosophy and religion meet in Byzantium? How did ancient ideas about beauty and virtue flow into Christian ethics? And how did Socratic “trolling” become the ground for heresies? A new video on the musicAeterna digital platform features a lecture on “meetings at highest level” in the intellectual life of the Eastern Roman Empire, […]