FM Module is back!.. to start with a look back at the past three seasons. Today we dive into the narratives and images of the first season, summed up in one episode, including topics: Radio, Virus, Apparatus, Resistance, Silence, Time, Interface, and Ocean. It will be bigger, louder, more sophisticated. Track list 1. Lichtenberg: A […]
How did the architecture of Byzantium and pre-Mongolian Russia develop? Why is the connection between two cultures, the continuity of style and engineering, more complex than it seems? As part of the Gifts of Byzantium series, the musicAeterna digital platform presents a recording of a lecture on architecture, held in January. Speaker: Cand. Sc. Historiography, […]
musicAeterna and Teodor Currentzis took part in the “Beethoven — Nine Symphonies, Nine Cities” online tour. Over a single day on June 6, nine orchestras performed all symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven in various cities across Europe. The Seventh Symphony, accompanied by a dance performance by Sasha Waltz & Guests, was performed by musicAeterna. According […]
Together with our general partner VTB Bank, we created an educational project for the concerts in Zaryadye on May 25 and 26 and at the Diaghilev Festival on June 10. We did a big interview with Leonid Desyatnikov, who had visited the rehearsals of his Rite of Winter 1949. The composer told about the idea […]
We celebrate Radio Day with the third season finale of FM Einheit’s podcast FM Module. Today we are listening to the Confession. With its purpose to address all corners of the soul to the transcendental, it absorbs a person’s sins and at the same time draws in their past. Where are the boundaries of guilt […]
Happy Easter to all who are celebrating it today. As our musical gift, we would like to share with you a video of the choirs musicAeterna and musicAeterna byzantina performing at Feodorovsky Cathedral.
How did the architectural idea inherited from antiquity become a home for the Christian God, what did Byzantine architecture give to world culture, what can be seen as its fruits today? The logic and spirit of the valuable, in some cases miraculously preserved monuments of the Eastern Roman Empire is explained by Svetlana Maltseva, lecturer […]
The Byzantine authors just imitated the classical ones, without creating anything original. Their literature is a crooked mirror, where you can’t get to the facts through parables. The Christian Empire had no sense of humour; each text was a theological preachment. We refute these and other stereotypes in a new episode of our podcast — […]
Next Thursday, April 15 at 19:30, watch Daniil Zinchenko’s Tinnitus on the musicAeterna digital platform. What began as a film about ’ritual electronic music’ from the town of Fryazino near Moscow, changed direction after the death of one of the protagonists and expanded into new themes, images, and plots. The Yuzhinsky Circle, John Duncan’s performance, […]
Older than the rarest artefacts and still irreplaceable, existing outside of the human body and inseparable from the human mind, reporting military secrets and whispering love confessions — the new episode of the Module is about the Voice. Track list 1. Batman brät Fische (FM Einheit) 2. Mindpower (excerpt) (Paul deMarinis) 3. Rosettas Tanz (Stein […]
A new addition to our film collection: watch Daniel Zinchenko’s film Elixir on the musicAeterna digital platform on 18 March at 19:30 (MSK). The main characters, a scientist and his assistant, create an elixir for the resurrection of the dead, while officials search for the Carpenter capable of turning water into oil. Thus Russian cosmism […]
The instinctual and orgasmic representative in Freudianism; the preserve of Kairos, the god of favorable moments; the oldest media available to us — all this is the human voice. We’ll have a closer look at the spoken word in the new episode of FM Module. ⠀ Siegfried Zielinski: «Transferred into a package of data, you […]
How did philosophy and religion meet in Byzantium? How did ancient ideas about beauty and virtue flow into Christian ethics? And how did Socratic “trolling” become the ground for heresies? A new video on the musicAeterna digital platform features a lecture on “meetings at highest level” in the intellectual life of the Eastern Roman Empire, […]
Watch Rustam Khamdamov’s phantasmagoric black-and-white fairy tale from February 25 at 7 p.m. (MSK). The film will be available online for 24 hours.  Starring Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Sergey Koltakov, Elena Morozova, Anna Mikhalkova, Alla Demidova. Music by Edward Elgar and Dmitry Kurlyandsky. Shot in 2017, The Bottomless Bag premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and […]
Rex Tremendae by Alexey Retinsky for voice, piano, cello, electric guitar and percussion. In this work, the resident of Dom Radio reinterprets the requiem: in contrast to the austerely lapidary compositions by Mozart and Verdi, addressed to God on behalf of all mankind, he builds an intimate monologue of the soul. Retinsky works with a […]
What do you associate the stairs with? Probably, just with moving up or down, with an extremely clear vertical arrangement of both physical and conceivable space. In the latest episode of the Module, we, as ever, reveal an obvious image. Through the prism of the texts by Wittgenstein and Freud, Kafka and Joyce, Tom Waits […]
How do words and music meet in the works of Paul Celan? What do modern readers and artists find in the strikingly complex and succinct texts born at the cutting edge of the 20th century tragedies? These and other topics are covered in a talk of the composer and Dom Radio resident Alexey Retinsky with […]
How does a person manage excess resources? To what extent do we resemble the simplest living systems in our (ir)rationality? The new episode of the FM Module by FM Einheit considers the fundamental principles of spending. In his book La Part maudite, the French philosopher Georges Bataille writes: “The living organism, in a situation determined […]
How does Tchaikovsky’s music influence the way contemporary composers think? Vladimir Rannev, Alexander Knaifel, Sergey Nevsky and Oleg Gudachev talk about the powerful innovation and non-obvious borrowings, which over the centuries have resulted in real discoveries. Concluding the anniversary year, we suggest to watch the November meeting in Dom Radio on the living energy of […]
An experience got through shock, a beauty seen through pain… How does a person explain their complicated relationship with art through the concepts of “pathos” and “pathetic”? In a new episode of our podcast, we trace the evolution of two categories through the centuries, from the Homeric epics to Tchaikovsky’s lyricism, from the works of […]
“Speak you too,speak as the last,say out your say. Speak —but don’t split off No from Yes.Give your say this meaning too:give it the shadow.” The Episode 20 of the Module dedicated to Paul Celan’s centenary features his poems put to the music of FM Einheit. The say of the outstandingly profound and subtle 20th […]
Teodor Currentzis: “This is a project that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time […] to make opera when there is plenty of time to make exactly the music I want to; to only care about the true essence of the piece and not about how to make it hectically in three days. So, we […]
All fluctuates — lives — sounds — glows. This interpretation of glow has inspired the Episode 19 of FM Module. Back in the early 19th century, far ahead of its time, the idea of all-encompassing living energy was expressed by German romanticist and physicist Johann Wilhelm Ritter.
From the “wildest Russian nihilism” to the unfading classics. In a new episode of our podcast, we share a lecture on the history of the Violin Concerto in D major by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, its performance and interpretation. In view of the composer’s 180th anniversary, it is the right time to look at the evolution […]
Pyotr Ilyich’s life journey consists of more than 150 points. From a happy childhood in Votkinsk and youth in St. Petersburg to “Souvenir de Florence” and a triumph at the opening of Carnegie Hall in New York. The world map gives a sense of the composer’s personal and creative scope. Moreover, an essential motif related […]
Today, we offer you to watch the recording of the first event in the large “Byzantine Gifts” educational cycle — a roundtable discussion of the Hagia Sophia cathedral.
October 25, 1893 (old style) was the day Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky died. On this memorial day, we are sharing with you a recording of a music piece which sounds particularly touching given the occasion. Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov (b. 1937) has written a cycle titled “October 25, 1893 (In Memory of P.I. Tchaikovsky)”. The cycle […]
Episode 18 of FM Module focuses on skin, or on sensitivity to be exact. Or, to be as precise as possible, it focuses on the boundaries of our consciousness. The organic shell which divides us from the world and also connects us to it is apparently a display of the discrete nature of existence. The […]
Freedom is just another name of the point of no return. Or is it? Where does freedom come from, and why does one need it? Free will emerges from the moment of uncertainty, the gap between the past and the future. You can open up a depth of opportunities and gain everything there is to […]
We’re now sharing with you the recording of “Sacred music by Soviet composers of the second half of the 20th century”, the lecture that concluded the Schnittke-focused Modern Audience Laboratory.
What was Alfred Schnittke’s attitude towards his own works? What kind of intricate connection did he see between sacred and worldly music? How were his scores created and performed when the aesthetic norms of their time were too tight for them? We are going to get the answers to these and many other questions in […]
Titled “Pure Music”, episode 16 of FM Module consists of 11 previously unreleased tracks recorded in 1998–1999 by FM Einheit along with Finnish electronic music heroes Mika Vainio and Ilpo Vaisanen of Pan Sonic fame.
Perhaps the most lyrical one so far, episode 12 of FM Module is dedicated to Erika Stucky, a Swiss-American singer who has just been awarded the Swiss Grand Prix for Music 2020. “Always pure avant garde, always pure joy” are the words the organizers use to describe the work of Stucky, “the master of blues […]
The second episode of Modern Audience Laboratory Online is live. Musicologist Anna Fefelova joins musicAeterna’s chief chorus master Vitaliy Polonsky to discuss the score of Alfred Schnittke’s Choir Concerto.
Today is officially known as Knowledge Day. However, we’ve decided to have Knowledge Day every Tuesday throughout September: this will help you and us to prepare for hearing Alfred Schnittke’s Choir Concerto. In the first episode of Modern Audience Laboratory Online, musicologist Anna Fefelova and musicAeterna’s chief chorus master Vitaliy Polonsky talk about Schnittke’s choral […]
The movie is going to be available for viewing for 24 hours starting at 6 p.m. (MSK) on August 29. Special project musicAeterna and KARO.Art. “Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors”, one of the best works by Sergey Parajanov, continues our collaboration with Karo.Art: the cinematography cycle. The film is going to be available for viewing […]
Episode 15 of FM Module is titled "Pane e vino". It views food from a metaphysical standpoint, diving into the philosophical context of pasta and the "chef" aspect of music composition.
In the new podcast episode, you can hear a recording of a lecture by Father Kirill (Kopeikin). The physicist and theologist talks about the concept of light in Biblical tradition and the way it gave birth to relativity theory and quantum mechanics, which led to a radical worldview overhaul in the 21st century. The evolution […]
The best violinist of the 18th century who had served the Salzburg archbishop 100 years before Mozart; the greatest composer of the pre-Bach era (according to P. Hindemith); creator of the “Rosary” for violin, the Salzburg mass for 53 voices and an array of sacred and worldly music pieces which showcased his masterful technique, energetic […]
“Life Amidst The Pandemic” is the topic for season 2 of FM Module. Episode 14, which opens the new season, is focused on “touch” in the sense we know from the contemporary media reality.
A collaboration between musicAeterna and Con Spirito In the second part of the lecture, Lyalya Kandaurova breaks down all the five parts (prelude, fugue, scherzo, intermezzo, and final) of Dmitri Shostakovich’s “Piano Quintet”. Laid out in a clear and detailed manner, the intricacies of the score are illustrated by ensemble musicians. The lecture was recorded […]
A collaboration between musicAeterna and Con Spirito As part of the collaboration between musicAeterna and the Con Spirito musical lectorium, we are sharing with you a recording of “Piano Quintet in G minor” by Dmitri Shostakovich. Combining elements of old German music with Stalin-era “Big Style” features, this piece of chamber music is performed by […]
A collaboration between musicAeterna and Con Spirito
The movie is going to be available for viewing for 24 hours starting at 7 p.m. (MSK) on July 25. Special project musicAeterna and KARO.Art. musicAeterna and KARO.Art continue the independent cinematography series. At 7 p.m. (MSK) on Saturday, July 25, musicaeterna.org presents “The Dance of Reality”, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s seventh film. The movie will be available for 24 hours. […]
Episode 13 of FM Module is a poetic tribute to the black hole. The “unlucky” number 13 is not the focus here: instead of darkness, chaos and destruction, the episode mostly dives into the matter of entity transformation. The black hole is terrifying yet alluring. Bending space and time, it can bring one’s dreams true: […]
musicAeterna.org presents George Crumb’s “Ancient Voices of Children” song cycle performed by Teodor Currentzis, Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra, soloists Sophia Burgos (soprano) and Johannes Remp (treble from the Stuttgart boys’ choir).
In the new Modern Audience Laboratory podcast, George Crumb’s song cycle is presented by Olga Manulkina (lecturer at Saint Petersburg University and author of “Ives to Adams: XXth Century American Music”). The discussion revolves around the composer’s fascination with Spanish poetry and the way the spirit of duende manifests itself in music by Manuel de […]
«The winds themselves are invisible, but what they do is manifest to us, and we sense their approach somewhere.»(Socrates, quoted after Hannah Arendt, Denken ohne Gelander) Episode 11 of FM Module submerges you into the Ocean and the planetary dialectics hidden in its depths. Monolithic yet inherently shifting, the Ocean gives birth to all the […]
On Gustav Mahler’s anniversary, we keep reading through the composer’s music diary.
On an equally green and sunny summer day 160 years ago, Gustav Mahler was born. Despite his family having no musical background, Mahler’s world was full of sounds and voices since early childhood, while his first impressions involved folk songs. Songs retained their place as one of the key genres in the great Austrian’s creative […]
The third of Mahler’s songs to be played on musicAeterna.org today was written in February 1892. Not even 32 at that point, Mahler had recently become head of Hamburg Opera and had definitely gained recognition as a conductor. Mahler the composer, on the other hand, had lived through the failed premiere of Symphony No.1 and was completely […]
To conclude the Gustav Mahler day, we offer you to remember his Symphony No.4 — but instead of listening to the traditional concert performance, let’s dive deeper into it together with maestro Teodor Currentzis and Dr. Renate Stark-Voyt, vice president of the International Gustav Mahler Society. The Currentzis-LAB recording of Stuttgart’s SWR Orchestra will let […]
The movie is going to be available for viewing for 24 hours starting at 19:00 (MSK) on July 5. Special project musicAeterna and KARO.Art. “The Act of Killing” by Joshua Oppenheimer is an unobtrusive insight into the nature of genocide from an American antiglobalist residing in Denmark. The plot revolves around three elderly Indonesians whose […]
In episode 10 of FM Module, we continue exploring the Interface. This time, we ponder on how it’s going to evolve after (and independently from) human beings. The media interface reaches its peak in virtual reality — the point where the line between human and The Other [human / machine] becomes as blurred as ever. […]
The opera will be available for viewing from 4 p.m. on June 28 for 24 hours. Henry Purcell’s opera envisioned by Peter Sellars is a heart-wrenching story of the clash of love and duty amidst the colonial genocide. “The Indian Queen”, Purcell’s final unfinished semi-opera, was presented in 2013 by Peter Sellars at the Perm State […]
Episode 9 of FM Module is on air. This double feature is dedicated to the Interface — the great and fear-inducing, the close and unreachable. Interfaces are what unites and disjoints the world which used to be whole but has long been viewed as a paradigm of binary oppositions. Today, the language of communication between […]
The film will be available for viewing from 7 p.m. on June 21 for 24 hours. musicAeterna and KARO.Art are preparing for the viewings of three cult classics by world cinematography masters: “Gertrud” by Karl Theodor Dreyer, “The Dance of Reality” by Alejandro Jodorowsky, and “The Act of Killing” by Joshua Oppenheimer. The project is supported by the Embassy […]
The exhibition of a dream / L’exposition d’un reve revolves within the complex beauty of dreams, and wonders how to generate a dream – to create a mental images within the mind of the spectator. To quote Yoko Ono, «A dream you dream alone may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is […]
Episode 7 of FM Module is dedicated to time — the wildest, most fleeting part of our existence. We can count time like money, yet we do not always have full control over it. German philosopher Max Horkheimer’s quote touches upon the link between the two main human resources: «…time is not money, but money is […]
Tune in into FM Einheit`s wild and complex cosmos:His on-going compositorial work, his archive and thoughts and opinions of smart thinkers of our time. Tonights guests are:Andreas Ammer, Meret Becker, FM Einheit, Ulrike Haage, Alexander Hacke, Sebastian Hess, Marianne Hope, Jennifer Minetti, Heiner Muller, Mona Mur, Sophie Rois, Henning Schmidgen, James Blood Ulmer, Martin Wuttke, […]
Beethoven is a classic of a caliber just as grand as his older contemporaries: Haydn and Mozart. His peers, however, deemed him an art revolutionary and a breaker of traditions. So who was that genius, respected by classical connoisseurs and the avant-garde crowd alike? Musicologist Larisa Kirillina, the leading Russian researcher of Beethoven’s works, gives […]
The film will be available from 2 p.m. on May 31, 2020. In 2020, the world was set to celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th anniversary. The Beethoven Festival in Bonn was supposed to be the highlight of the year for musicAeterna. There, under the batons of Teodor Currentzis and Giovanni Antonini, the ensemble would perform […]
Episode 4 of “Schnittke’s Creative Landscape” encompasses the religious and moral aspects of Alfred Schnittke’s philosophy. It also gets viewers acquainted with several of the composer’s works, which include Violin Concerto No.2, Requiem, and Choral Concerto (set to Grigor Narekatsi’s lyrics). Music pieces mentioned in the episode:1. A. Schnittke. Violin Concerto No.2 (1966).Performed by G. Kremer […]
Tonights Broadcast Resistance is brought to you from the hidden composer in residenceFM модуль Our guests tonight are Andreas Ammer Abwarts, Jorg Bochow, Bertold Brecht, Rica Blunck, Casper Brotzmann, William Burroughs, Chor der Oper Bonn, Marcel Duchamp, En Esch, Volker Kamp, Saskia von Klitzing, Jamie Lidell,  David Link, Heiner Muller, Andy Muller-Maguhn, Mona Mur, Genesis Breyer P […]
In the new episode of “Alfred Schnittke’s Creative Landscape”, Valentina Nikolaevna Kholopova and Ilya Gaisin continue their discussion of the composer’s milestone works, highlighting not only their backstories and philosophical concepts but also Schnittke’s personal attitude to those music pieces. In the video description, you can find links to full recordings of the Viola Concerto […]
We are continuing the discussion of Alfred Schnittke’s music. In the second episode of “Scnittke’s Creative Landscape, violinist and conductor Ilya Gaisin talks to professor Valentina Nikolaevna Kholopova about two of Schnittke’s symphonic masterpieces (Symphonies No. 3 and 4) and all things connected to those. We recommend that you take a listen to those symphonies […]
We continue our journey into the world of Alfred Schnittke’s music. Today, our guide is Valentina Kholopova — Moscow Conservatory professor, Doctor of Art Criticism and one of the leading specialists on Schnittke’s works. Valentina Nikolaevna is remotely interviewed by violinist and conductor Ilya Gaisin; this is the first time in the existence of the […]
Tonights Broadcast “Pure Music”is brought to you from the hidden composer in residenceFM модуль Our guests tonight are VVEMika Vainio / Ilpo Vaisanen / FM Einheit An evening of improvised musicRoyal Electronics @the CastleCastle Wildberg (Austria) 07.07.2004 Make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss the new episodes. You can find our podcast on all […]
Vladislav Pesin Anastasia Shapoval Merging styles, techniques and genres with courage and precision, Alfred Schnittke created his own unique and deeply philosophical music world. His works reflect not just all of the XXth century but also the legacy of the great artists of yore. Mozart was one of Schnittke’s favourite composers, and this adoration of […]
On May 18, 1911, Gustav Mahler passed away. He had lived for exactly 50 years. Before the premiere of his Symphony No.5 in 1904, Mahler wrote: “Oh, I wish I could play my symphonies 50 years after my death!”. Today, Mahler’s music is still with us: it grants us inspiration, consolation and the light of […]
Tonights Broadcast Apparatus is brought to you from the hidden composer in residenceFM модуль Our guests tonight were writer William Burroughs, media archaeologists David Link and Siegfried Zielinski, artist Peter Weibel and writer Vilem Flusser. First episode and second episodeMake sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss the new episodes. You can find our podcast on all major […]
Performers Vlad Pesin (violin) Nikolay Mazhara (piano) The life of John Cage spanned 80 years of the XXth century, most of it in the modern art avant-garde. He worked with outstanding artists, composers, architects, choreographers, poets and writers of his time. “I write music to hear something I have never heard before,” John Cage used […]
Today, the first episode of “Dialogues” is up on the musicAeterna digital platform. “Dialogues” is a programme created by violinist and conductor Ilya Gaisin where he invites musicians to an online discussion of various sides of the art they have devoted their lives to. The first episode features musicAeterna’s clarinetist Georgi Mansurov, the orchestra’s only […]
On May 9 in the morning, we are going to publish the recording of “Requiem”, a performance set to Alexey Syumak’s music by Kirill Serebrennikov and conducted by Teodor Currentzis. The symphonic act has only been presented once: that happened 10 years ago at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. “The theatrical “Requiem” is our memory […]
Tonights Broadcast Virus – Destabilization & Subversion – Not Relevant for the System is brought to you from the hidden composer in residenceFM модуль Our guests tonight were media archaeologists Siegfried Zielinski andDavid Link as his  alter ego Poetry machine. Make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss the new episodes. You can find our podcast […]
Today, the musicAeterna digital platform presents to you «A Shroud of Incense» (with English subtitles). It is a movie about Perm, its history, inhabitants, lifestyle and government — and about a single fate witnessed by many. The city of Diaghilev remained home to musicAeterna for a long time. In May last year, film director Alexandra […]
Today, we present the final part of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No.3 performed by the musicAeterna orchestra and conducted by Teodor Currentzis. One of the warmest and most touching pieces by the Austrian composer is dedicated to love — love that empowers us and helps us overcome any pain. What does love mean to you? To […]
Podcast is produced in Russian We’re continuing our exploration of audial perception — the most important one, musically. Today, musicAeterna digital platform hosts the first educational podcast based on “Noise / Anti-noise”, a lecture by Evgeniy Voronovsky. About noise turning into music and music turning into noise. About something that has been accompanying mankind since […]
Tonight on Digital Platform please welcome the video of the performance composed by Alexey Retinsky – «To hear» («Slishat’») – that took place in February 2020 in Dom Radio as a part of Alexey’s artistic residency. The performance is devoted to Ludwig van Beethoven. This work tells about another facet of demiurgic genius. Speechless music […]
In a constant stream of thoughts and frequencies, the hidden composer in residenceis reaching out to the world.The lockdown is a serious sign that the abuse of resources and people is overwhelming our planet.we need to reimagine our future.We have to be careful with our own resources: our senses.There is no need to illustrate what we hear […]
The experimental week on musicAeterna digital platform continues with the world premiere of “The Riot of Spring” by Dmitri Kourliandski. The piece was created in a dialogue with one of the most revolutionary works in academic music — Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”. In the year of the latter’s 100th anniversary, musicAeterna took part in the Ruhrtriennale festival […]
Today, the musicAeterna Digital Platform offers you to listen to “Nocturnal Music”. Performed by Vladislav Pesin (violin) and Nikolay Mazhara (piano), the four nocturnes by the XXth-century classic George Crumb have become the first instalment in the series of recordings made by musicAeterna members specifically for the platform. In the new chamber music section, we […]
Today we published the recording of a round table discussion featuring four musicians on the musicAeterna digital platform. The meeting had happened at Dom Radio in February 2020. Teodor Currentzis, Alexey Retinsky, Leonid Desyatnikov and Nikolay Komyagin talked and pondered on art, its perception and creation. The discussion marked the beginning of composer Alexey Retinsky’s […]
On the memorial day for victims of Armenian genocide, we are launching another project on the musicAeterna digital platform: online readings of chapters from Grigor Narekatsi’s “Book of Lamentations”, translated by Naum Grebnev.
The video will be available from 9:30 pm (MSK) 24.04.2020 till 9:30 pm (MSK) 25.04.2020. Three years ago musicAeterna and Teodor Currentzis performed Mozart’s Requiem at the Salzburg festival. That unforgettable evening became the start of the new chapter in musicAeterna’s history – artistic collaboration with the world’s main musical festival. Video recording of that […]
We are in a unique state of communication: in isolation. Our city of Saint Petersburg has always known something we haven’t. That silence brings us closer, that solitude unites us. Now, all other cities have gained this knowledge and turned alike. Something we have always evaded – taking a sincere look at our lives and […]