Evgenia Pavlova

In the orchestra since 2018

Evgenia Pavlova is a goal-oriented musician as well as the Artistic Director & Concertmaster of Vienna Ensemble, an innovative up-and-coming musical organization. Born in Moscow, she started to play violin at the age of 5. Since 17, she has played all over Europe with orchestras as a soloist and concertmaster. In 2014, after graduating with honors from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, she moved to Vienna to continue her studies and develop her career on the European stage. She entered Musik und Kunst Privatuniversitat in Vienna for a Master’s Program with Lidia Baich, former student of Boris Kushnir.

Since 2013, Evgenia has been successfully collaborating with conductor Kristjan Jarvi; since 2015, she has been the First Concertmaster at Baltic Sea Philharmonic, an orchestra that performs full concert programs by heart and delivers an absolutely unique musical experience. As a tutor, she is constantly leading sectional rehearsals for strings and violins separately.

Evgenia has participated in the best European music festivals such as Schleswig-Holstein Festival, Young Euro Classics and Daniel Schnyder Festival (Linz, Austria); at the latter, she performed Piano Trio by Daniel Schnyder at Bruknerhaus Linz. Another outstanding experience in Evgenia’s career has been her position of the concertmaster at C/O Chamber Orchestra, which is a Berlin-based chamber orchestra without a conductor. She went on to become a constant member of the orchestra.

In August 2018, she was invited to Tarapaca Musica Festival (Iquique, Chili) to give master classes, educational activities and concerts there. In 2019, she was invited as a tutor and concertmaster to Ireland to participate in the Esker Festival Orchestra. After a successful tour with Teodor Currentzis and MusicAeterna in 2018, she has been regularly invited to work with them.

What brought you to the world of music?
It was my grandmother and mother who brought me to the world of music. My grandmother, Natalia Nikolaevna Rozhdestvenskaya, is a pianist. She worked for Valentin Berlinsky as an accompanist for many years, and then led a chamber ensemble class at the Ippolitov-Ivanov State Musical Pedagogical Institute. My mother also studied with her, and it was in the Institute that she met my dad one day. So, it seems fair to say that it was the world of music that brought me to this world.
Do you recall your greatest musical impression?
In terms of my performing, I guess those were the concerts with the C/O Chamber Orchestra in 2015 (a Berlin based orchestra without a conductor). Both in the position of a concertmaster and as part of the group — it was such an indescribable impression of full interaction, trust and even fearlessness in some way! I think it was after those concerts that I decided to keep these feelings in me.
Which musical work do you dream of performing?
Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.
Do you readjust when you go on stage?
That's a good question. I think I do. That is the moment when interaction and fearlessness reach their peak. In fact, it is the excitement of feeling exactly the moment of here and now. I am very happy when it works out.
Can you imagine yourself as someone other than a musician?
Do an artistic director and a manager count? If not, then I could be a dancer.
What do you value most in working with musicAeterna?
It is the way how professionalism and painstaking work are somehow amazingly combined with fierce expression, that is just awesome.