Сhamber concert


musicAeterna Folk is a project performing Russian traditional music, which is contributed to by professional researchers and performers of Russian folklore from all over the country. The members of the project are engaged in studying the intangible heritage and traditions of Russian culture, deciphering rare songs, they master the art of performing virtuoso song traditions, such as the traditions of the Molokans of the Kochubeyev community and the Nekrasov Cossacks, the village of Shardonem’ of the Pinezhsky district of the Arkhangelsk region, the village of Zavgorodneye of the Bakaleysky district and the village of Foshchevato of the Belgorod region.

musicAeterna folk members:
Elizaveta Danshina
Yaroslav Paradovsky
Evgeny Romanov
Kirill Krylov
Sofya Ivanushkina
Antonina Sergeeva
Daria Kirpichnikova
Vera Bazilevsky

Music Director: Elizaveta Danshina
Producer: Katerina Rostovtseva

Photo: Katerina Rostovtseva