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Dom Radio is an architectural landmark of the early 20th century in the centre of Saint Petersburg originally built for the Russian Noble Assembly. In 1918, after the Russian Revolution, the nationalized building was converted into the Palace of Proletarian Culture; since 1933, the editorial office of Leningrad Radio was located here.

In December 2019, after musicAeterna moved to Saint Petersburg, it became the creative residence of the orchestra and choir. Upon the initiative of Teodor Currentzis, the interdisciplinary cultural and educational centre Dom Radio was created here. It has become a venue for creative and educational programmes, and experimental and research projects covering various fields of contemporary art.

The key areas for development of Dom Radio include:

Chamber concerts. MusicAeterna soloists and guest performers give chamber concerts in Dom Radio. The playbill mostly consists of rarely performed works of various eras and styles, ranging from ancient music to premieres of the latest compositions and improvisational performances.

Recording studio. The musicAeterna orchestra and choir, as well as famous academic musicians and young sound designers make records at Dom Radio, which is famous for its unique acoustics.

Creative residences. Dom Radio is developing a programme of creative residencies for composers, choreographers, artists, and directors. At Dom Radio residents get opportunities for their artistic search and creation of new works, and also take part in the educational programme of the centre. The first composer-in-residence of Dom Radio was Alexey Retinsky. Since April 2021, Andreas Moustoukis has become Dom Radio resident, and since October 2022 — Alexey Sioumak. In September 2021 the first theatrical residency of choreographer Claudia Castellucci took place. At Dom Radio residents get opportunities for their creative search and creation of new works, and also take part in the educational programme of the centre.

Educational projects. Dom Radio regularly hosts thematic lecture cycles devoted to various aspects of culture, philosophy, and art.

Art gallery. In the summer of 2021 Dom Radio launched its exhibition activities. The first projects in the field of visual art were the “Summer Exhibition”, which presented the works of Russian and international stars of contemporary art, and a temporary exhibition of a series of works by American video artist Bill Viola.

Cinema club. Dom Radio Cinema club introduces the audience to rare films and iconic works of video art. Its programme includes premiere screenings and demonstrations of rare archival videos.



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