Elena Tokareva

In the choir since 2011

Elena Tokareva is a laureate of the International vocal competition (Kazan), the Ufa Regional competition (2nd place), and the Glinka competition.

Elena Tokareva was born in Ufa. She finished the Sabitov music school №1 specializing in piano. In 2005, she graduated from the Ufa Arts college (vocal department, academic vocals). In 2010, she graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory (vocal department, academic singing; class of People’s Artist of USSR, prof. Irina Bogacheva). Elena Tokareva is currently studying for her postgraduate degree at the conservatory. During her studies, she has sung Tatiana’s part in Tchaikovsky’s “Evgeny Onegin” at the university’s theatre.

Since 2011, Elena Tokareva has been an opera troupe intern at the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre, as well as a member of the musicAeterna choir.

She has participated in master classes by famous opera singers Nikolay
Okhotnikov and Elena Obraztsova, as well as in acting master classes by Theodoros Terzopoulos and Viktor Kostetsky.

First and foremost, our Maestro is a great role model. That alone is enough to inspire us. I certainly have other sources as well: cinematography, literature, arts. Ever since my childhood, I’ve been reading and watching a lot — and now I utilize every chance to learn something new. We tour extensively, so it’s not really a problem. Of course, I’m also inspired by the people that surround me. Their energy, ideas and feelings matter a lot to me.
A visit to the Modern Arts Museum in Oslo, Norway. I like paintings and movies that make you think. In Oslo, I witnessed a lot to dwell on mentally. As for the people that have impressed me, I should name Peter Sellars who I talked to while working on “Idomeneo” at the Salzburg festival. He mentioned many things that one doesn’t notice in everyday life, such as the amount of pollution in the world and our impact on the environment.
First of all, it’s not really “work” — it’s my whole life. I truly love what I’m doing, and I can’t exist without it. What I value the most is probably the aftermath of the creative process: something that is left in my own soul and in the listeners’ hearts. I value the feeling of having introduced something to our world and — possibly — having changed it for the better.
It certainly does. Every performance makes me a different person to some extent. It’s impossible to do it sincerely without getting fully immersed into the world created by the composer or director. And once you’ve done that, you’ll never be the same.
I prefer goal-setting to dreaming, so that I can actually reach those goals with time. Learn a new language, travel, develop myself — these are the things I strive to achieve. And I’m very happy I can combine that with my work.

musicAeterna choir events


Andreas Moustoukis (b. 1971)
“Liturgy of St. Leontius” for mixed choir (2021)

Im Äther for mixed choir, 4 double basses, electronics, percussion and the ondes Martenot (2023, world premiere)

musicAeterna Choir and Orchestra Soloists

Conductor Vitaly Polonsky

MusicAeterna resident composer Andreas Moustoukis presents the result of his two-year work at Dom Radio. Together with the “Liturgy of St. Leontius”, fragments of which have been repeatedly heard in the concerts by the musicAeterna Choir, on June 6, the world premiere of his new composition – IM ÄTHER (“In Ether”) for mixed choir, 4 double basses, electronics, percussion and the ondes Martenot will take place. This is a micropolyphonic work based on the poems by Paul Celan interspersed with quotations from world cinema.

The author explains the essence of the new work as follows: “Im Äther (στον αιθέρα) is the need to breath out in the stratosphere were the gravitation is low and all the time is becoming one and a single moment of a crystal silence. The past, the present and the future stop to exist between then and now in a violent and compensating ‘why’, they just exist timelessly in the cosmic black as if they were small red shining dots of love, the tears of eternity.”

Photo: Selena Zhigulskaya