Grigory Kuznetsov

In the choir since 2019

Grigoriy Kuznetsov graduated with honours from the Popov Choral Arts Academy (vocal department) in 2013.

As a soloist at the Academy choir, he performed at the best concert halls of Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland and Japan. He participated in such international festivals as Sion Festival (tenor part in Schubert’s Messe G-Dur; Switzerland, 2016) and Oldenburger Promenade (tenor part in Bach’s Messe G-Moll; Germany, 2012), as well as in the concert performance of “Orango” by Shostakovich conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen (Moscow, 2014).

In 2013–2015, Grigoriy Kuznetsov was a soloist at the Yurlov Russian Academic Choir Capella. In 2015–2019, he was a soloist at the Kozhevnikov Moscow State Academic Choir.

He has participated in such opera productions as “Eugene Onegin” by Tchaikovsky (as Lensky at Durance Luberon festival, France), “Il viaggio a Reims” by Rossini (as Chevalier Belfiore at Oldenburger Promenade festival, Germany), and “Le nozze di Figaro” by Mozart (as Don Basilio in Sarov, Krasnoyarsk and Moscow). Since 2018, Grigoriy has been collaborating with the “Intrada” and “Old Russian Chant” ensembles.

Grigoriy Kuznetsov is a laureate of the “Amber Nightingale” international competition (2016, Kaliningrad) and the international competition in Lempäälä (2012, Finland). He is also a scholar of the Muslim Magomaev Foundation (2012–2013) and a laureate of the Popov award (2013).

In 2016, Grigoriy Kuznetsov completed his postgraduate studies at the Popov Choral Arts Academy (musicology department). In 2018, he defended his thesis to pursue the degree of Candidate of Art History.

Since 2019, Grigoriy Kuznetsov has been a member of the musicAeterna choir.

musicAeterna choir events


Andreas Moustoukis (b. 1971)
“Liturgy of St. Leontius” for mixed choir (2021)

Im Äther for mixed choir, 4 double basses, electronics, percussion and the ondes Martenot (2023, world premiere)

musicAeterna Choir and Orchestra Soloists

Conductor Vitaly Polonsky

MusicAeterna resident composer Andreas Moustoukis presents the result of his two-year work at Dom Radio. Together with the “Liturgy of St. Leontius”, fragments of which have been repeatedly heard in the concerts by the musicAeterna Choir, on June 6, the world premiere of his new composition – IM ÄTHER (“In Ether”) for mixed choir, 4 double basses, electronics, percussion and the ondes Martenot will take place. This is a micropolyphonic work based on the poems by Paul Celan interspersed with quotations from world cinema.

The author explains the essence of the new work as follows: “Im Äther (στον αιθέρα) is the need to breath out in the stratosphere were the gravitation is low and all the time is becoming one and a single moment of a crystal silence. The past, the present and the future stop to exist between then and now in a violent and compensating ‘why’, they just exist timelessly in the cosmic black as if they were small red shining dots of love, the tears of eternity.”

Photo: Selena Zhigulskaya