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Bathed in the light of history, the walls of Dom Radio have a deep meaning to musicAeterna. They form a space for invigorating rehearsals, a space voiced and discovered by musicians through performances, a space full of thoughts and discussions on various aspects of culture: philosophical disputes and talks on modern period poetry, Byzantine chants and music of the future.

Dom Radio’s key mission in musicAeterna’s activities is to be a place where new art is born without limits or boundaries. That process begins in the silent solitude of Dom Radio, where, invited to Saint Petersburg by Teodor Currentzis and the musicAeterna art committee, the resident develops his ideas. Even before his vision is brought into life, his ideas are reviewed by the musicians who let them sound during creation. The outcomes of that creative laboratory descend into the main halls of Dom Radio, where they meet the audience. Temporarily separated from their phones which symbolize everyday matters and troubles, the listeners walk up into the thundering marble shadows to face something new — and to take an essential part in the ultimate birth of the ideas conceived during the residency.


Upcoming residency events

An event of Dom Radio residency

Leningrad newsreel (1988)
Woodcutter (1985); Spring (1987), dir. by Yevgeny Yufit
Olf Follower (1987), dir. by Kostya Mitenev
Pissfighting Corpsecatchers (1988), dir. by Andrei The Dead
Dull Lips (1991), dir. by Kostya Mitenev
Yetilion (2021), dir. by Andrei The Dead

Films will be presented by Andrei The Dead and Kostya Mitenev online and programme curator Gleb Segeda offline.


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