#Master Class


The Experimental Sound Laboratory at Dom Radio presents a three-day intensive “Methods of working with modular synthesizers” by Fyodor Vetkalov. The master class participants will get acquainted with the brief history of the modular synthesizer, learn how to use modules for writing compositions ranging from improvisation to linear work, learn how to work with recorded compositions and use digital plug-ins for sound processing. At the end of the three-day intensive, the workshop leader will create a multi-channel sound work using recordings made by the participants.

The master class of the Experimental Sound Laboratory will suit both beginners who want to immerse themselves in modular synthesis, and more experienced users who are interested in expanding the practice of working with electronic musical instruments or finding like-minded people for collaboration. Neither experience with modules nor a personal synthesizer is required. Each participant can individually acquire practical skills of modular synthesis using the example of Fyodor Vetkalov’s system.