Music – our medicine

We are in a unique state of communication: in isolation. Our city of Saint Petersburg has always known something we haven’t. That silence brings us closer, that solitude unites us. Now, all other cities have gained this knowledge and turned alike.

Something we have always evaded – taking a sincere look at our lives and trying to find out who we actually are – is happening right now.

Music doesn’t punish. We have punished ourselves for centuries. We have aimed for such fast tempos that we couldn’t manage. And that swift inertia, alas, would be impossible to slow down. Right now, we have a chance to re-evaluate what we’ve said in the past and where lies the truth and where the lie. Now it is time to talk to ourselves.

We’re going now to sense stronger the healing powers of music. Like something invisible that penetrates our emotion and heals us. Music – our medicine.

The mankind we’ve known, the mankind of motion and ambitions — that mankind clearly didn’t understand much. Most importantly, we didn’t understand how to be helpful to each other — which is something music has constantly reminded us about. And basically we’ve been also talking about this all the time without truly understanding what it means. Because to understand is not just talk about it but to be deeply aware, to feel profoundly. That is what silence teaches us.

There, in silence, the loudest events happen. Silence is a field that existed before we came and will exist after us. Our life shouldn’t just invade silence but it should carefully listen to it, show it love and respect.

Music is not “when music plays”. Music is not the concert life. Music is how we treat one another. It only plays when we care for those around us. Music is when we share our innermost dreams with each other.

We, musicians at Dom Radio, Saint Petersburg, declare that the true bond among all the world’s musicians is starting to emerge just now. In a moment when we are far from each other. That’s the knowledge that music initiates us to. Let’s keep it in the most intimate place of our hearts. But even in the strictest isolation, even in the most universal solitude we’ll always be together.



Teodor Currentzis