Alexey Retinsky. Rex Tremendae

Rex Tremendae by Alexey Retinsky for voice, piano, cello, electric guitar and percussion.

In this work, the resident of Dom Radio reinterprets the requiem: in contrast to the austerely lapidary compositions by Mozart and Verdi, addressed to God on behalf of all mankind, he builds an intimate monologue of the soul.

Retinsky works with a Latin text in the best tradition of the 20th century vocal music: he splits it into syllables and phonemes, thereby appealing to the living, direct pronunciation of words.

Rex Tremendae is contextured of pauses, sounds and side-tones of instruments (from broken cello passages to buzzing electronics), and a voice that seems to appear out of nowhere and disappear into the blue. All of this gives rise to a kind of memory song, timeless and familiar to everyone.



Tikhon Pendyurin, Ekaterina Dondukova, Fedor Lednev, Andrey Volosovsky, Miriam Prandi, Anton Glushkin, Nikolay Mazhara