Resurgence. Performance by Andreas Moustoukis

Time confides in our memory the essence of our existence, a conjugation of lost dreams, of ruined facts, mostly unfulfilled. In the labyrinth of this nebulous timeline, we must return to touch our real face behind the curtains of lost time…

A new work by the video artists of NOIR Films takes us back to an April evening when Dom Radio’s first resident Andreas Moustoukis presented his first performance, Resurgence.

The composer acted as a performance artist: he wrote male and female names with paint on a white sheet and quoted Wong Kar-wai, and then, using a spatula, transformed what he had written into an abstract expressionist painting. The musical part consisted of Just, David Lang’s minimalist piece, and Consumed, Moustoukis’ string quartet, loaded with noise techniques, performed by musicAeterna artists. These alternated with an electronic collage of popular country songs from the 60s, Ezra Pound’s poems, performed by the author, and the soundtrack featuring Dmitri Mazurov.



Andreas Moustoukis