Chamber music


Gavriil Popov (1904 – 1972)
The Septet (The Chamber Symphony) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, violin, cello, and double bass, Op. 2 (1926 – 1927)

Ivan Wyschnegradsky (1893 – 1979)
The Sun is Going Down, three songs set to the lyrics by Friedrich Nietzsche, Op. 3 (1918)

Joseph Schillinger (1895 – 1943)
L’Excentriade, three piano pieces, Op. 14 (1924)

The opening speech to the concert will be given by Svetlana Petukhova, Candidate of Arts, musicologist, Senior Researcher at the State Institute of Art History.


Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828)

The Fisher Girl | Das Fishermädchen on the words of Heinrich Heine. No. 10 from the vocal cycle “Swan Song”, D. 957 (1828). Version for mezzo-soprano and string quintet.

Serenade | Ständchen on the words of Ludwig Rellstab. No. 4 from the vocal cycle “Swan Song”, D. 957 (1828). Version for mezzo-soprano and string quintet.

By the Sea | Am Meer on the words of Heinrich Heine. No. 12 from the vocal cycle “Swan Song”, D. 957 (1828). Version for mezzo-soprano and string quintet.

String Quintet in C major D. 956, Op. posth. 163 (1828)

Allegro ma non troppo
Scherzo. Presto – Trio.
Andante sostenuto


Duration is 60 minutes


Performers – the musicAeterna choir and orchestra soloists:
Elena Tokareva, mezzo-soprano
Andrej Roszyk, first violin
Yana Shchegoleva, second violin
Evgeny Shchegolev, viola
Andrey Efimovsky, the first cello
Evgeny Rumyantsev, second cello


Arcangelo Corelli (1653 – 1713)
La Folia, sonata for violin and basso continuo in D Minor, Op. 5 No. 12 (first published in 1700)

Giuseppe Tartini (1692 – 1770)
Devil’s Trill, sonata for violin and basso continuo in G minor, GT 2.g05 (1713 or 1740s, first published in 1799)

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741)
La Folia, trio sonata for two violins and basso continuo in D minor, Op. 1 No. 12, RV 63 (first published in 1705).

Alexey Krasheninnikov (b. 1976)
Concerto for violin and percussion (2007)


Performers – the musicAeterna orchestra soloists and guest musicians:

Olga Volkova, violin
Vladislav Pesin, second violin
Alexander Prozorov, viola da gamba
Carlos Navarro, double bass
Ekaterina Byazrova, harpsichord
Andrey Volosovsky, Alexey Amosov, percussion
and others

Conductor – Dmitry Borodin.

Duration is 60 minutes.


Modest Mussorgsky
Piano cycle “Pictures at an Exhibition” (1874)

Nikolai Medtner
Fairy Tale “Phrygian Mode”, No. 2 from the piano cycle “Three Fairy Tales”, Op. 42 (1921/24)

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov – Varvara Myagkova
Piano fantasy on the theme of “Scheherazade” (1888/2022)

Sergei Rachmaninoff
The Études-Tableaux No. 5, 6, 8, Op. 39 (1916-1917)

Alexander Scriabin
Preludes No. 10, 13, 21, 22, Op. 11 (1896)

Anatoly Lyadov – Alexey Kurbatov
Fantastic scherzo “Kikimora”, Op. 63. Arrangement for piano (1909/2022)

Igor Stravinsky – Guido Agosti
Three fragments from the ballet “The Firebird”. Arrangement for piano (1910/1934):
“Infernal Dance of All Koschei’s Subjects”

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As part of the musicAeterna Youth Programme at Dom Radio, Vladislav Pesin will conduct two workshops with the Euphoria Ensemble, which will be devoted to various aspects of modern performance. On December 19 the final concert will be held to present the compositions by Ofer Peltz, Johannes Schellhorn, Dom Radio resident composers, and young Russian authors.

An event of Diaghilev+

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906–1975)

String Quartet No. 7, Op. 108 (1960)
String Quartet No. 10, Op. 118 (1964)

Dmitry Borodin – first violin
Olga Artyugina – second violin
Dinara Muratova – viola
Vladimir Slovachevsky – cello

String Quartet No. 13 in B-flat minor, Op. 138 (1970)

Olga Volkova first violin
Ivan Subbotkin, second violin
Nail Bakiev, viola
Miriam Prandi, cello