The lecture cycle Psychoanalysis in the Space of Sounds is devoted to various aspects of the relationship between music and psychoanalysis.


Тема лекции: «Майкл Сноу: экстаз и анализ»



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Lecture 6: The Doctrine of Salvation as Deification (according to Maxim the Confessor and others)

In Byzantium, the doctrine of salvation was understood only as the doctrine of deification: "God became
man so that man would become God." And even more clearly and literally: as God became a man (in
Christ), so everyone who is saved must become God — that is, completely, and not some new god, but
the same and the only one. This teaching was completely symmetrical to the Byzantine teaching about
Christ (i.e., about the incarnation of God), but therefore even more problematic: if it was still possible to
show indifference to the dogma regarding Christ, believing that Christ is somewhere far away and does
not directly concern me, then the doctrine of deification intrudes into everyday life. The belief in
deification understood in this way (according to the principle of "as… so") has radically influenced both
individual asceticism and social relations in the Christian state.