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An event of Dom Radio residency

Henry Purcell
(Arr Benjamin Britten)
Ciacona in G Minor

Benjamin Britten
Three Divertimenti for String Quartet

Alfred Schnittke
String Quartet No. 3

Alexey Shor
(Arr Georgs Pelecis)

Bela Bartok
“Romanian Folk Dances”


October 25, 1893 (old style) was the day Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky died. On this memorial day, we are sharing with you a recording of a music piece which sounds particularly touching given the occasion. Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov (b. 1937) has written a cycle titled “October 25, 1893 (In Memory of P.I. Tchaikovsky)”. The cycle […]
The “Byzantine Gifts” project The new season is going to begin on September 17 with a cultural and educational project focused on Byzantine culture. The cycle of lectures and roundtable discussions will cover the Byzantine legacy in its entirety, from religion to music and architecture. The events are scheduled to happen twice a month. Moderated […]
The best violinist of the 18th century who had served the Salzburg archbishop 100 years before Mozart; the greatest composer of the pre-Bach era (according to P. Hindemith); creator of the “Rosary” for violin, the Salzburg mass for 53 voices and an array of sacred and worldly music pieces which showcased his masterful technique, energetic […]
A collaboration between musicAeterna and Con Spirito In the second part of the lecture, Lyalya Kandaurova breaks down all the five parts (prelude, fugue, scherzo, intermezzo, and final) of Dmitri Shostakovich’s “Piano Quintet”. Laid out in a clear and detailed manner, the intricacies of the score are illustrated by ensemble musicians. The lecture was recorded […]
A collaboration between musicAeterna and Con Spirito As part of the collaboration between musicAeterna and the Con Spirito musical lectorium, we are sharing with you a recording of “Piano Quintet in G minor” by Dmitri Shostakovich. Combining elements of old German music with Stalin-era “Big Style” features, this piece of chamber music is performed by […]
A collaboration between musicAeterna and Con Spirito