musicAeterna opens its second season at Dom Radio

The “Byzantine Gifts” project

The new season is going to begin on September 17 with a cultural and educational project focused on Byzantine culture. The cycle of lectures and roundtable discussions will cover the Byzantine legacy in its entirety, from religion to music and architecture. The events are scheduled to happen twice a month. Moderated by the course’s curator Dmitry Chernoglazov (Candidate of Philology, lecturer at the Saint Petersburg State University), “Saint Sophia of Constantinople. The world before and after” will be the inaugural round table of the cycle.

Modern Audience Laboratory

The first live Modern Audience Laboratory of the season is going to focus on the works of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, whose Sixth Symphony will be performed by musicAeterna and Teodor Currentzis in Moscow and several European cities this November. The audience will research one of the greatest pieces of the Russian symphony repertoire by studying its structure, learning about its historical context, and discovering the peculiarities of Teodor Currentzis’s interpretation, which has been characterized by critics as a “stunning breakthrough”. The full programme is going to be published later.

Alexey Retinsky’s residence

Starting September 15, composer Alexey Retinsky will resume his residence at Dom Radio (the first one in musicAeterna’s history to date) which was halted by the pandemic earlier this year. He will finish the composition of a new piece which will be performed by the musicAeterna choir at the end of the year. Additionally, Alexey will resume his research mainly focused on perception of music. Scheduled for September 19, the first event is going to be the “Silly Horse” performance set to Alexander Knaifel’s music.

Chamber performances

A series of chamber music concerts will take place at Dom Radio over the new season. Members and friends of musicAeterna will perform their favorite, mostly rare music pieces from various eras and styles. For instance, September 23 will witness three soloists of the orchestra — Vladislav Pesin (violin), Miriam Prandi (cello) and Georgi Mansurov (clarinet) — perform works by Constantin Feyer, Elliott Carter and Tristan Murail.

Cinema laboratory

On September 24, the three-hour “Donkey” by legendary director Anatoly Vasiliev will begin the experimental cinematography and video art cycle. Viewings are going to take place on Thursdays twice a month. The featured works will be presented by creators, film critics, curators and artists.

musicAeterna digital

You will be able to watch and listen to most of the listed events on musicAeterna’s official website, where they will appear as videos and podcasts. Most of the events will also be free to attend following a pre-registration.