October 30, 20:00

Gabriel Fauré: Requiem. Andreas Moustoukis: Music for Here

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Andreas Moustoukis
Music for Here

Gabriel Fauré
Requiem, op. 48

Performance with German and English supertitles.


The musicAeterna orchestra and choir conducted by Teodor Currentzis will perform Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem (the third version, 1900) with video artwork created by the British artist Mat Collishaw especially for this performance.

The project was born a few years ago. Mat Collishaw met Teodor Currentzis in Paris, where the DAU project had just premiered.

Collishaw says it was an unusual conversation: ‘I was trying to read his intentions, and I don’t think he wanted to give me anything too explicit. But he did seem to want something that would put people on the edge of their seats — maybe something that was appalling in a way, knowing that we could then pull back to the real power of the Fauré. I think he felt that without that ingredient, it ran the danger of being just a nice piece of music, and to serve it up as such would actually be to disrespect the piece itself.’

The concert feature soloists: Soprano Fanie Antonelou (Greece) is masterful in a variety of vocal techniques and a vast repertoire and baritone Mikhail Timoshenko is a rising star on the world opera stage, currently involved in the classical and contemporary repertoires of the Opéra Bastille in Paris and other opera houses across Europe.

The first part of the concert will feature Music for Here (2012) by musicAeterna’s composer in residence Andreas Moustoukis. The mix of ’new simplicity’ minimalism and avant ambient for electronic recording, string orchestra, female choir, and organ will be accompanied by Matt Collishaw’s video art.


musicAeterna orchestra, Teodor Currentzis, musicAeterna choir, Mat Collishaw


October 30, 20:00

Gabriel Fauré: Requiem. Andreas Moustoukis: Music for Here

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