Mozart’s Requiem

The video will be available from 9:30 pm (MSK) 24.04.2020 till 9:30 pm (MSK) 25.04.2020.

Three years ago musicAeterna and Teodor Currentzis performed Mozart’s Requiem at the Salzburg festival. That unforgettable evening became the start of the new chapter in musicAeterna’s history – artistic collaboration with the world’s main musical festival. Video recording of that concert will open one of the first «windows» of the musicAeterna digital platform being a conscious choice: today, on the 24th of April, the whole world commemorates tragical events that claimed the lives of millions people – a half of the entire nation. On the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day we will stay alone with music of the funeral mass by Mozart to remember the wounds that humanity inflicts itself.

Anna Prohaska | Soprano
Katharina Magiera | Contralto
Mauro Peter | Tenor
Tareq Nazmi | Bass

musicAeterna orchestra & choir
Vitaly Polonsky | Chorus director
Teodor Currentzis | Conductor

The recording was kindly provided by Unitel. For more information please visit

Team Salzburg Festival

Technical director: Andreas Zechner
Technical crew manager: Helmut Schauer, Peter Graml, Simon Klubenschedl, Marcus Waldner, Werner Heidrich
Light design: Huber Schwaiger
Director of concert and media: Florian Wiegand
Media officer: Nathalie Prasser
Bord of directors Salzburg Festival: Helga Rabl-Sradler, Markus Hinterhauser, Lukas Crepaz


Camera: Alexander Ruhmkorf, Michael Grossler, Thomas Hirsch, Thomas Kosnar, Tom Pinter, Jorg Prandler, Jeannette Schneider, Franz Sillipp, Oliver Tiedemann
Video enginner: Nima Gauglhofer
EVS operator:Jens Meissner
VTR operator: Wolfgang A. Hermann
Video editor: Thomas Konig
Sound: Martin Gamperl
Audio technicians: Stefan Krohn, Georg Reindl
Recording producer: Arend Prohmann
Lighting: Peter Grauer
Lighting technical: Wolfgang Gilschwert
Chief technician: Daniel Renner
Unit manager: Michaela Fries
Assistant video director: Nanna Schmidt
Post production manager Unitel: Roger Vo?
Production managers: Johannes Hoche (ORF), Franziska Pascher (Unitel)
Chief editor ORF: Martin Traxl
Producers: Michael Heinzl (ORF), Martin Schermann (ORF), Magdalena Herbst (Umitel)
Commissioning editors: Karin Veitl (ORF), Edith Hirch (ORF), Dietmar Klumm (ZDF), Sonja Schneider (ZDF)
Video director: Henning Kasten



Teodor Currentzis, musicAeterna Orchestra, Anna Prohaska, Katharina Magiera, Mauro Peter, Tareq Nazmi, musicAeterna Choir