April 9, 20:00



choreographer, performer: Olga Tsvetkova
director: Vladimir Nikolouzos
composer: Vangelino Currentzis
light: Anatoly Lyapin

artistic Director: Anna Guseva
choreographer: Anastasia Peshkova
playwright: Ivan Werber
sound: Victoria Kharkevich, Egor Ananko
MA Dance troupe: Aisylu Mirhafizkhan, Aigulya Buzaeva, Timur Ganeyev, Alevtina Gruntovskaya, Evgeny Kalachev, Maksim Klochnev, Elena Lisnaya, Kamil Mustafayev, Aleksandr Chelidze
musician: Kirill Nifontov
lighting Designer: Anatoly Lyapin


Soulwhirl is a dance performance created by choreographer and dancer Olga Tsvetkova, film and theatre director Vladimir Nikolouzos, and composer Vangelino Currentzis. Soulwhirl refers to the journey of the human experience through which man descends into the depths of the psyche finding the essence to rise above it, and even his own body.

The authors of the performance «О» describe it as follows: “A fragile person yet again is left locked up and doomed to sort out her with herself. This performance is a path from a compressed spring to a release and exit, from exploding reflection to poetry and lightness – the path as old as a wheel. I know a million rooms, but I’ve only really been in mine. I dance with those who have settled in me. I want to be.”


musicAeterna Dance, Olga Tsvetkova, musicAeterna
April 9, 20:00


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