“Pathos” and “Pathetic”. Lecture by Mikhail Pozdnev

An experience got through shock, a beauty seen through pain… How does a person explain their complicated relationship with art through the concepts of “pathos” and “pathetic”?

In a new episode of our podcast, we trace the evolution of two categories through the centuries, from the Homeric epics to Tchaikovsky’s lyricism, from the works of Aristotle to Christian philosophy, with our guest, Doctor of Philology Mikhail Pozdnev.

00:00 Pathos and pathetics: etymology of terms
02:55 The passion of The Iliad
07:25 The Odyssey: suffering as a path to wisdom
10:00 Art as a source of pain
14:20 Pathos in ancient Greek lyric poetry and music
19:40 Managing emotions in an ancient drama
27:20 Pathos as understood by Plato and Aristotle
35:28 Pathos in rhetoric: the red lines
41:55 Pathos and pathetics in Christian culture: new dimensions of old meanings
45:20 Concepts of the Modern Period
48:40 Aesthetic discoveries of romanticism and freedom of spirit
54:55 The pathetic in Tchaikovsky’s perception



Mikhail Pozdnev