FM Module #25. Confession

We celebrate Radio Day with the third season finale of FM Einheit’s podcast FM Module.

Today we are listening to the Confession. With its purpose to address all corners of the soul to the transcendental, it absorbs a person’s sins and at the same time draws in their past. Where are the boundaries of guilt and faith? Is it possible to foster repentance without hope? Would it not be better to prevail over these questions with cold sobriety?

Track list

01. Absolutions, resolution, penance and confession (Text: David Link. Voices: Poetry Machine, FM Einheit. Music: FM Einheit)
02. Wunderblock (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Voices: Siegfried Zielinski, FM Einheit. Music: FM Einheit)
03. the Site (Music: Saskia von Klitzing, FM Einheit)
04. What’s he building? (Tom Waits)
05. Seven miniatures after Llull (Text: David Link, Ramon Llull/Poetry Machine. Voices: Poetry Machine, FM Einheit. Music: FM Einheit)
06. Radio Inferno Canto IX (Text: Andreas Ammer. Voices: Bargeld, Ducksworth, Minton, Peel. Music: FM Einheit)
07. Confessio (Text: David Link Voices: Poetry Machine, FM Einheit. Music: FM Einheit)
08. Ave, dulcissima Maria (Don Carlos Gesualdo de Venosa, musicAeterna Choir)
09. Confessional (Diamanda Galas)

Follow the link for the transcript of Episode 25.



Andreas Ammer, FM Einheit, Tom Waits, musicAeterna Choir, Siegfried Zielinski, David Link (Poetry Machine), Saskia von Klitzing, Blixa Bargeld, Yvonne Ducksworth, Diamanda Galas, Volker Kamp, Peter Lorre, Phil Minton, John Peel


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