Talks on Schnittke. Part 1

Today is officially known as Knowledge Day. However, we’ve decided to have Knowledge Day every Tuesday throughout September: this will help you and us to prepare for hearing Alfred Schnittke’s Choir Concerto.

In the first episode of Modern Audience Laboratory Online, musicologist Anna Fefelova and musicAeterna’s chief chorus master Vitaliy Polonsky talk about Schnittke’s choral music in general and discuss the Choir Concerto as part of musicAeterna’s repertoire.

What music pieces does Vitaliy Polonsky dream to perform? Which record did he take with him to Novosibirsk? Why is there a pause in fortissimo? What do Schnittke and Ligeti have in common? You’re going to learn all of that today.

The discussion is accompanied by excerpts from various Schnittke’s works. We would also like to remind you that musicAeterna is going to perform the Choir Concerto on October 1 and 3 in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Tickets are already on sale.



Vitaly Polonsky, Anna Fefelova