Schnittke’s Creative Landscape. Episode one

We continue our journey into the world of Alfred Schnittke’s music. Today, our guide is Valentina Kholopova — Moscow Conservatory professor, Doctor of Art Criticism and one of the leading specialists on Schnittke’s works. Valentina Nikolaevna is remotely interviewed by violinist and conductor Ilya Gaisin; this is the first time in the existence of the Modern Audience Laboratory that such a format is used. We have split the long and thoughtful discussion (titled “Schnittke’s Creative Landscape”) into several parts, and we hope you are going to listen not only to the talk itself but also to the music pieces it mentions.

The first episode focuses on the cultural and historical background of Schnittke’s formation as a composer, as well as to two of his notable works: Symphony No.1 and “Suite in Old Style”.

Music pieces mentioned in the episode
1. A. Schnittke. Symphony No.1 (1969-1972)
Performed by the USSR Ministry of Culture Symphony Orchestra, conducted by G. Rozhdestvensky.
2. A. Schnittke. “Suite in Old Style” (1972)
Performed by the “Moscow Virtuosos” State chamber orchestra, conducted by V. Spivakov

Materials mentioned in the episode
1. Decree on V. Muradeli’s “Great Friendship” opera, Politburo of the Communist Party Central Committee, 1948.
2. “Still, I Believe”, feature film, 1974



Ilya Gaisin