Joseph Raiskin on Schnittke’s Creative Outlook and the First Encounters of Soviet Audience with the Composer’s Music (Russian)

What was Alfred Schnittke’s attitude towards his own works? What kind of intricate connection did he see between sacred and worldly music? How were his scores created and performed when the aesthetic norms of their time were too tight for them?

We are going to get the answers to these and many other questions in the new podcast episode featuring Joseph Raiskin — a musicologist, music critic, lead editor of the “Mariinsky Theatre” newspaper and editor-in-chief of the “Saint Petersburg Music Digest”.

During the talk with Joseph Raiskin, we will find out how he met Schnittke, discuss the composer’s creative outlook, and hear about the first encounters of the Soviet audience with Schnittke’s music.

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Ilya Gaisin, Joseph Raiskin