Schnittke’s Creative Landscape. Episode two

We are continuing the discussion of Alfred Schnittke’s music. In the second episode of “Scnittke’s Creative Landscape, violinist and conductor Ilya Gaisin talks to professor Valentina Nikolaevna Kholopova about two of Schnittke’s symphonic masterpieces (Symphonies No. 3 and 4) and all things connected to those.

We recommend that you take a listen to those symphonies in full after the talk. The links are in the description.

Music pieces mentioned in the episode:
1. A. Schnittke. Symphony No. 3 (1981) 
Performed by the Berlin Radio symphony orchestra, conducted by V. Yurovsky.
2. A. Schnittke. Symphony No. 4 (1984) 
Performed by the Russian State Academic Symphony Capella, conducted by V. Polyansky.