Gertrud. Film by Karl Theodor Dreyer

The film will be available for viewing from 7 p.m. on June 21 for 24 hours.

musicAeterna and KARO.Art are preparing for the viewings of three cult classics by world cinematography masters: “Gertrud” by Karl Theodor Dreyer, “The Dance of Reality” by Alejandro Jodorowsky, and “The Act of Killing” by Joshua Oppenheimer. The project is supported by the Embassy of Denmark in Russia and the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow.

The exclusive programme of legendary cinematic masterpieces begins at 7 p.m. on June 21 with “Gertrud”, the final work of Dreyer — a pioneer of intellectual cinema who enchanted his audience with the ecstatic naturalism of “The Passion of Joan of Arc”, the gothic expressiveness of “The Vampire” and the religious symbolism of “The Word”.

Based on Hjalmar Soderberg’s autobiographical drama, “Gertrud” was initially met with a lack of understanding from viewers and critics alike. The story of a successful young woman who had everything except for an interest towards life seemed to be devoid of sophisticated plot or prominent psychological matters. Today, however, the movie is unanimously perceived as a high point of the Danish filmmaker’s career: instead of bohemian drama, it presents a hermetic dialogue of light and shadow, of life and death, of time and timelessness.