The Act of Killing. Film by Joshua Oppenheimer

The movie is going to be available for viewing for 24 hours starting at 19:00 (MSK) on July 5.

Special project musicAeterna and KARO.Art.

“The Act of Killing” by Joshua Oppenheimer is an unobtrusive insight into the nature of genocide from an American antiglobalist residing in Denmark. The plot revolves around three elderly Indonesians whose past involves participation in mass executions of real and alleged supporters of the Communist party in the 60s. Not only do the murderers feel no remorse for their actions but they decide to make an old Hollywood-style action movie about their “noble deeds” years later. In “The Act of Killing”, neither executioners nor victims show any reflexion. Their simple-mindedness poses a challenge to the viewer: it’s easy to feel the tragedy of genocide, but can you deal with the comical lack of repercussions for the murderers?

The viewing has been supported by the Embassy of Denmark in Moscow and the “Flaertiana” International documentary festival.