Moz-Art. Alfred Schnittke

Vladislav Pesin
Anastasia Shapoval

Merging styles, techniques and genres with courage and precision, Alfred Schnittke created his own unique and deeply philosophical music world. His works reflect not just all of the XXth century but also the legacy of the great artists of yore. Mozart was one of Schnittke’s favourite composers, and this adoration of the genius was not just expressed by words. Schnittke’s musical catalogue features a number of pieces for various instruments which were composed in 1975-1990 on a common basis: the music to Mozart’s pantomime which the world only got to hear due to Schnittke, as only the first violin part had remained of the original. All the versions share the Moz-Art name, which was consciously chosen by the composer.

Today, we offer you to take a listen to Moz-Art for two violins, performed by musicAeterna musicians Vladislav Pesin and Anastasia Shapoval.



Vladislav Pesin, Anastasia Shapoval