FM Module #20. Sprachgitter

“Speak you too,
speak as the last,
say out your say.

Speak —
but don’t split off No from Yes.
Give your say this meaning too:
give it the shadow.”

The Episode 20 of the Module dedicated to Paul Celan’s centenary features his poems put to the music of FM Einheit. The say of the outstandingly profound and subtle 20th century poet sounds in its original language, immersed in the flow of an internal pulsating music. 

  1. Weissgrau
  2. Radix, Matrix
  3. der Winzer
  4. die Kruege
  5. Fadensonnen
  6. In die Rillen
  7. Was geschah
  8. Wasser und Feuer
  9. Ich hoerte sagen
  10. Corona
  11. Naechtlich geschuerzt
  12. Psalm
  13. Aufs Auge gepfropft
  14. Du Darfst
  15. Die Silbe Schmerz
  16. Drueben
  17. In den Fluesse

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