FM Module #22. Stairs

What do you associate the stairs with? Probably, just with moving up or down, with an extremely clear vertical arrangement of both physical and conceivable space.

In the latest episode of the Module, we, as ever, reveal an obvious image. Through the prism of the texts by Wittgenstein and Freud, Kafka and Joyce, Tom Waits and Led Zeppellin, we are looking for connotations of gloom, vertigo, falling, and trauma in the concept of stairs. After all, what a guile can be hidden in the slippery steps of any public interface.

Track list
1. Every crisp stair (Link / Einheit)
2. Swinging in & Swinging out — Search engines (Zielinski / Schubert / Einheit)
3. Evol/ve (Einheit / Pupillo)
4. Swinging in & Swinging out — architectures of the space in between (Zielinski / Schubert / Einheit)
5. Disobey II (Lidell / Link / Einheit)
6. Swinging in & Swinging out — measuring art of (Zielinski / Schubert / Einheit)
7. Haus der Lüge (Einstürzende Neubauten)
8. Swinging in & Swinging out — Ludwig Wittgenstein (Zielinski / Schubert / Einheit)
9. Carpet (Einheit)
10. Swinging in & Swinging out — Franz Kafka (Zielinski / Schubert / Einheit))
11. Baal Himmelfahrt (Brecht / Einheit)
12. Vertigo (Zielinski / Einheit)
13. Swinging in & Swinging out — Edmond Jabès (Zielinski / Schubert / Einheit)
14. 7 steps_Für Otto. Architekt und Maler (Einheit)
15. Swinging in & Swinging out — theoretical and practical physics (Zielinski / Schubert / Einheit)
16. Ladders to heaven — stairways to hell (Zielinski / Einheit)
17. Radio Inferno 34. Gesang (Ammer / Einheit)

Follow the link for the transcript of Episode 22



FM Einheit, Siegfried Zielinski, David Link (Poetry Machine), Andreas Ammer, Bertold Brecht, The Gulbenkian Choir, Mark Chung, Sjang Coenen, Yvonne Ducksworth, Alexander Hacke, Saskia von Klitzing, Jamie Lidell, Markus Meyer, Einstürzende Neubauten, Enzo Minarelli, John Peel, Robert Poss, Massimo Pupillo, Franz Schubert, Susan Stenger, N.U. Unruh, Volker Kamp