November 10, 20:00

Drum Man: Petr Glavatskikh concert


Petr Glavatskikh (b. 1979)
Intro ‘Lament of Adam’

Matthias Schmit (b. 1958)
Chanaya (fantasy on the verses by N. Gumilyov, version by P. Glavatskikh)

Petr Glavatskikh
Jembe Phone

Alexey Sioumak (b. 1976)
Oath for Marimba

Grigory Smirnov (b. 1982)
Mirrors of Emptiness for Marimba with a Digital Delay

Petr Glavatskikh

Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)
Rebonds A for Percussion, Rebonds B for Percussion


The brilliant composer and percussionist Petr Glavatskikh presents the Russian premiere of his solo program “Drum Man” at Dom Radio. The author kindly asks his audience not to applaud between pieces, perceive what is happening as a kind of joint action and be prepared for surprises.

The Drum Man program reflects the broad outlook of the musician who is equally passionate about the modern avant-garde and traditional music of different civilizations. It will feature Petr Glavatskikh’s own compositions – Adam’s Lament for Brazilian carnival drum Surdu (or Surdo) specially adapted by the musician, Epitaph for semantron (hermits and monks used such sounding boards for summoning friary for services back in the deep Middle Ages), and “Jembe Phone” for a popular African traditional drum. Petr Glavatskikh will also perform his paraphrase on the famous piece Ghanaia by German rocker, percussionist, and composer Matthias Schmitt, which gives a poetic turn on rhythms of Ghana and the spirit of West Africa.

Alexey Sioumak’s opus The Oath for solo marimba was written especially for Petr Glavatskikh: in this two-part piece, many will hear echoes of Sioumak’s choir opera Cantos, commissioned by musicAeterna in 2016. In Grigory Smirnov’s opus Mirrors of Emptiness, which is very listener-friendly, electronic delay acts as a full-fledged instrument and creates, together with the “live” marimba, graceful polyphonic constructions. The concert will culminate in a powerful piece by the Greek classic of the 20th century Iannis Xenakis, Rebonds A and Rebonds B – for solo percussion in two parts.

Being a composer, performer, and producer, Petr Glavatskikh works with theatre directors Yuri Lyubimov and Tadashi Suzuki, actresses Ingeborga Dapkunaite and Yulia Peresild, master of Russian folk music Sergey Starostin, composers Alexey Sioumak, Alexey Retinsky, Grigory Smirnov, and Alexander Manotskov. At the invitation of London-based Intermusica, he takes part in the Sacred Imagination project as a composer and performer. Petr received a Golden Mask theatre award for his performance in Pyotr and Fevronia of Murom at the Praktika Theatre, co-wrote and performed music for Eduard Boyakov’s Laurus at the Gorky Moscow Art Theatre. His solo album The Unfound Sound released on Fansymusic, was short-listed for the International Music Awards.


Peter Glavatskikh
November 10, 20:00

Drum Man: Petr Glavatskikh concert

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