October 11, 20:00

OpensoundQuartet Concert


Vladimir Martynov (b. 1946)
Beatitudes for quartet and quartet on record (1998)

Oleg Gudachev (b. 1988)
A new piece

Nastasia Khrushcheva (b. 1987)
Five Songs for Christmas (2022, St. Petersburg premiere)

Jörg Widmann (b. 1973)
Quartet No. 3 Jagdquartett | Hunting Quartet (2003)

Bryce Dessner (b. 1976)
Aheym | Homeward (2009)

John Adams (b. 1947)
Selected Dances from John’s Book of Alleged Dances for string quartet and recorded prepared piano (1994)

Philip Glass (b. 1937)
Quartet No. 2 Company (1983)


Performers – the soloists of OpensoundOrchestra:
Stanislav Malyshev – first violin
Inna Zilberman – second violin
Pavel Romanenko – viola
Olga Kalinova – cello


OpensoundQuartet is an ensemble of soloists of the Moscow OpensoundOrchestra, which specializes on the 20th – 21st century’s music performance. The first violin of the quartet – in every sense – is played by the founder of the orchestra, violinist, conductor, and concertmaster of the Studio for New Music ensemble Stanislav Malyshev. The concert given by OpensoundQuartet at Dom Radio is part of its tour across seven Russian cities.

The concert programme is built to form a gallery of spectacular examples of quartet writing created by major figures of Russian and world contemporary music and representing different faces of minimalism.


Stanislav Malyshev, Inna Zilberman, Pavel Romanenko, Olga Kalinova
October 11, 20:00

OpensoundQuartet Concert

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