June 25, 21:00

George Crumb: Makrokosmos


George Crumb
Pieces for piano
Makrokosmos (volume 1)
Makrokosmos (volume 2)

Samir Timajchi
SiX for two pianos


On June 25 at Dom Radio, is the second concert by the talented young pianists specialising in new music, Alexandra Listova and Dmitry Batalov. This time they will present the audience with pieces by the French and German composer Marc Andre and the first two volumes of George Crumb’s Macrocosmos.

Though this work was composed almost half a century ago, it is not very familiar to the Russian audience. Macrocosmos I and II are two volumes of 12 pieces each, referring us to Crumb’s two idols, Bartók and Debussy. The timbral capabilities of the piano here are on par with those of the orchestra, and each piece has its unique acoustic and emotional image. The triple titles of the pieces are like three layers of meaning, unfolding which, unwittingly, one becomes a co-creator of the Macrocosmos — so beguiling is its world.

The music of George Crumb will be followed by SiX for two pianos, the work of the young St. Petersburg composer Samir Timajchi, and this world premiere is no less important than the Russian premiere of Crumb’s Macrocosmos II.


Alexandra Listova, Dmitry Batalov


June 25, 21:00

George Crumb: Makrokosmos