On The New York Times list of Best Classical Music Recordings of 2015


Teodor Currentzis, musicAeterna orchestra, musicAeterna choir, Alexey Svetov


Rameau — The Sound of Light

Sony Classical, 2014 CD

Nadine Koutcher, soprano
Alexei Svetov, bass

A unique anthology taken from the Baroque master’s operas and ballets in celebration of his 250th anniversary.

Teodor Currentzis:
“The most amazing phenomenon in life is light. It gives us breath, life and love. So – how to explain to someone who has never been embraced by the sun what light actually is? I would play them music by Rameau.”

The Guardian, Nicholas Kenyon
He whisks Rameau out of his 18th-century context and makes him a creator of avant-garde sounds which are meant to enable you to “listen to your sound of light.

The Guardian, Nicholas Kenyon
There is highly original thinking here, and you cannot argue with the sophistication of the playing by the orchestra MusicAeterna.

The Times, Geoff Brown
Discerning music lovers who enjoy living on the edge might consider Rameau: The Sound of Light for Christmas. The maverick conductor Teodor Currentzis’s incisive trip through the juicier chunks of Rameau’s operas is delivered with typically extreme tempi and gutsy playing from MusicAeterna.

The New York Times, Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim
After several memorable Mozart recordings, they take on the music of Rameau here, bringing the same startling zest for innovation and untamed dynamism to a dazzling selection of vocal and instrumental selections from his operas.

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