The Indian Queen. Opera by Henry Purcell

The opera will be available for viewing from 4 p.m. on June 28 for 24 hours.

Henry Purcell’s opera envisioned by Peter Sellars is a heart-wrenching story of the clash of love and duty amidst the colonial genocide.

“The Indian Queen”, Purcell’s final unfinished semi-opera, was presented in 2013 by Peter Sellars at the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. The director’s version of the libretto features vocal parts along with readings from “The Lost Chronicles of Terra Firma”, a novel by contemporary Nicaraguan writer Rosario Aguilar.

The plot revolves around the daughter of an Indian chief. The princess becomes a Spanish officer’s concubine in order to retrieve military secrets. However, with time she falls in love with the outlander killing her people. The master of revealing hidden details in opera classics which resonate deeply with the modern audience, Sellars turns the baroque score into a globalist tragedy.

A co-production by the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Teatro Real (Madrid) and the Royal Opera House (London), the play has been awarded five “Golden Masks”. “The Indian Queen” became one of the most outstanding premieres which happened at the Perm Opera under the artistic direction of Teodor Currentzis.

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Stage team
Musical Director and Conductor: Teodor Currentzis
Stage Director: Peter Sellars
Set Designer: Gronk
Choreographer: Christopher Williams
Lighting Designer: James Ingalls
Costume Designer: Dunya Ramikova
Choirmaster: Vitaliy Polonsky

Hunahpu, Mayan Hero/Trickster Twin Deity: Vince Yl
Teculihuatzin, The Indian Queen, Later Dona Luisa: Julia Bullock
Don Pedrarias Davila, Captain general and Governor of Terra Firma: Markus Brutscher
Dona Isabel, Wife of Don Pedrarias Davila: Nadine Koutcher
Don Pedro De Alvarado, Conquistador: Noah Stewart
Xbalanque, Mayan Hero/Trickster Twin Deity: Christophe Dumaux
Mayan Shaman: Luthando Qave
Leonor, Daughter of Teculihuatzin and Don Pedro De Alvarado: Maritxell Carrero
Mayan Dieties: Burr Johnson, Takemi Kitamura, Caitlin Scranton, Paul Singh
Tecum Uman, Mayan Chief: Christopher Williams

musicAeterna orchestra and choir



Teodor Currentzis, Peter Sellars, Gerard Mortier, musicAeterna Choir, musicAeterna Orchestra