May 26, 20:00

Dance Performance-concert YOUKALI. PREMIERE



Music: Teodor Currentzis, Vangelino Currentzis, Andreas Moustoukis, Alexey Retinsky, Alexey Sioumak, FM Einheit
Director: Anna Guseva
Choreographer: Anastasia Peshkova

musicAeterna Dance
musicAeterna Orchestra and Choir soloists
guest musicians

Dom Radio continues with a series of special projects – musical and theatrical homages to poets and musicians of the past, major figures who influenced world culture. After the projects dedicated to Paul Celan and Charles Baudelaire, the resident composers of Dom Radio, the soloists of musicAeterna orchestra and choir, and a large production team under the artistic direction of Teodor Currentzis are now preparing a multi-part project A Tribute to Kurt Weil. In its centre there is the YOUKALI dance performance and concert. The production is to be presented on January 14 and 15.

As part of the experimental project, Teodor Currentzis, Vangelino Currentzis, Andreas Moustukis, Alexey Retinsky, Alexey Sioumak and FM Einheit are writing their own versions of Kurt Weil’s songs set to the texts by Bertold Brecht and other authors.

The collection of homage songs lies at the heart of the dance performance, in which the new troupe of Dom Radio – musicAeterna Dance – will be presented for the first time. Director Anna Guseva and choreographer Anastasia Peshkova are working on a large-scale production with the participation of about 50 artists (musicians, performers, and extras) in the genre of surreal cabaret.


musicAeterna Dance, musicAeterna soloists, musicAeterna
May 26, 20:00

Dance Performance-concert YOUKALI. PREMIERE

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