Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)

Piano Concerto No. 24 in C Minor, K. 491 (1786)
I. Allegro
II. Larghetto
III. Allegretto

Requiem for soloists, choir and orchestra in D minor, K.626 (1791)
Requiem aeternam
II. Kyrie
III. Sequentia
1.Dies irae
2. Tuba mirum
3. Rex tremendae
4. Recordare
5. Confutatis
6. Lacrymosa
IV. Offertorium
1.Domine Jesu
2. Hostias
V. Sanctus
VI. Benedictus
VII. Agnus Dei
VIII. Communio
1.Lux aeterna
2. Cum sanctis tuis

The musicAeterna Orchestra and Choir
Conductor – Teodor Currentzis


In the first spring programme of 2024, the musicAeterna soloists, choir, and orchestra conducted by Teodor Currentzis will perform Requiem and Piano Concerto No. 24 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The two pinnacles of Mozart’s legacy have become self-sufficient ‘world culture luminaries’, whose influence on ‘apprentices’ and ‘progenies’ has not waned for several centuries. However, while the trail of reminiscences and interpretations of the Piano Concerto No. 24 stretches mainly in the field of music, the Requiem with the mythology formed around the circumstances of its creation has reached far beyond music as an art form and become the soil that generates new masterpieces of literature, painting, music, and cinematography – from Alexander Pushkin’s ‘little tragedy’ Mozart and Salieri to Miloš Forman’s film Amadeus.


musicAeterna Orchestra, musicAeterna Choir, Teodor Currentzis, musicAeterna
March 11, 20:00

musicAeterna сoncert: Mozart. Requiem, Piano Concerto No. 24

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