Noise / Anti-noise. Lecture by Evgeniy Voronovsky

Podcast is produced in Russian

We’re continuing our exploration of audial perception — the most important one, musically. Today, musicAeterna digital platform hosts the first educational podcast based on “Noise / Anti-noise”, a lecture by Evgeniy Voronovsky.

About noise turning into music and music turning into noise. About something that has been accompanying mankind since ancient times. About something that affects us while remaining undefined. Are we ready to hear the noise within ourselves?

This podcast draws a conclusion to the experimental week on the Digital Platform. We’d love to hear your comments and requests.

Evgeniy Voronovsky is a sound producer, composer, DJ, radio host (NNW Radio), director of international music projects and festivals, sound designer, multi-instrumentalist and lecturer at the Higher School of Economics.

The lecture took place in February 2020 at Dom Radio as part of the Modern Audience Laboratory programme.


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