FM Module #1

In a constant stream of thoughts and frequencies, 
the hidden composer in residence
is reaching out to the world.
The lockdown is a serious sign that the abuse 
of resources and people is overwhelming our planet.
we need to reimagine our future.
We have to be careful with our own resources: our senses.
There is no need to illustrate what we hear with pictures.
To have space for dreams and fantasy one of our oldest 
electrical communication apparatuses- the radio- seems
to be the ideal device.

FM Модуль is asking scientists and artists from
around the world about hints and strategies:
how to learn from past presences for future presences 
and how to let the utopian rich constellations from the past work their way into the future. 
This only works if we take the privilege of not only seeing the future 
as an open space of possibilities. The past is also open for our explorations, an open field. 
Discovering the new in the old and not just seeing the new being confirmed.

Tune in into FM Einheit`s wild and complex cosmos: His on-going compositorial  work, his archive and thoughts and opinions of smart thinkers of our time.

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FM Модуль #1

Our guests tonight were media archaeologists Siegfried Zielinski and David Link as his alter ego Poetry machine.

Track list

  1. Siegfried Zielinski about George Christoph Lichtenberg.
  2. Sweet dream by FM модуль and David Link from the song cycle Together, unfinished.
  3. MVV by FM модуль from the radio drama zuruckbleiben.
  4. John Peel from the radio drama Radio Inferno by Andreas Ammer and фм модуль
  5. Adolf Hitler Enterprise   first act 30 january 1933 Radio from the radio drama Deutsche Krieger. By Andreas Ammer and FM модуль
  6. Siegfried Zielinski about Radio Buchenwald.
  7. He is half  by FM модуль and David Link from the Song Cycle Radar Angel.
  8. dream, 17. february 2017 by FM модуль from the installation L?exposition d?un reve. At the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian and Siegfried Zielinski on Berthold Brecht?s Ocean flight.
  9. Purple Blues by FM модуль and David Link from the not yet finished. Song cycle Together.
  10. Ulrike Meinhof Paradise Second act  8 May 1970 from the Radio Drama Deutsche Krieger. By Andreas Ammer and FM модуль.
  11. Maidenhood by FM модуль  and David Link from the not yet finished. Song cycle Together.
  12. Order 04 Teodor Currentzis as Aleksei Gastev
  13. Order 04 by Aleksei Gastev, FM модуль, Andreas Ammer from the Radio Drama Hammerschlag. Live from the International Diaghilev Festival Perm 2019
  14. Pistol Poem By Brion Gysin and William Burroughs BBC 1960.
  15. Radar Angel. By FM Модуль and David Link from the Song Cycle Radar Angel.




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