FM Module #16. Pure Music. VVE Der Motor

Titled “Pure Music”, episode 16 of FM Module consists of 11 previously unreleased tracks recorded in 1998–1999 by FM Einheit along with Finnish electronic music heroes Mika Vainio and Ilpo Vaisanen of Pan Sonic fame.

The hour-long synth sound tapestry is an ascetic ambient journey which switches one’s perception to digital meditation mode — or, at least, helps to focus on the crucial things. The only word preceding and fixating the experience is “motor” (Der Motor).

Track list
1. Gasthaus zur Einheit
2. Frost
3. Ampeg1
4. Ampeg2
5. Frost revisited
6. termites
7. Green
8. Der Motor
9. Springfever
10. O
11. DerSommer ist aus!

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FM Einheit