FM Module #11. Ocean

«The winds themselves are invisible, but what they do is manifest to us, and we sense their approach somewhere.»
(Socrates, quoted after Hannah Arendt, Denken ohne Gelander)

Episode 11 of FM Module submerges you into the Ocean and the planetary dialectics hidden in its depths.

Monolithic yet inherently shifting, the Ocean gives birth to all the other dichotomies. United yet always different. Constructive and destructive. Extremely close to the flesh yet infinitely unreachable. The cradle of all life, it has also become the matrix of human civilization with all of its unresolvable discrepancies. Can we find the answers to hour centuries-long questions in the Ocean? Or can we only listen to its noise?

Featured in the episode: Andreas Ammer, Antonin Artaud, Meret Becker, Caspar Brotzmann, Jose de Espronceda, ValieExport, Alexander Hacke, Ulrike Haage, Volker Kamp, Saskia von Klitzing, David Link/Poetry Machine, Jennifer Minetti, Phil Minton, Ennio Morricone, Susan Stenger, Siegfried Zielinski, Ingrid Wiener.

Track list

  1. La voce dei sommersi_Tragedia di Lampedusa (Music: Ennio Morricone)
  2. Beaufort Scale of winds (Text: Beauford Voice:Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)
  3. Scirce`s Show (Text: Andreas Ammer Voices: Meret Becker, Alexander Hacke, Jennifer Minetti, Phil Minton. Music: FM, Haage)
  4. Song of the Pirate (Text: Jose de Espronceda. Voice: Einheit, Zielinski. Music: FM)
  5. Oceanic Feel (Text: Poetry Machine. Voices: Einheit, Poetry Machine. Music: FM)
  6. Caprifischer (Text: Rudi Schuricke. Voice: Valie Export)
  7. Caprifischer (Music: Abwarts)
  8. Brotherhood of the boat-people (Text: Leonard Bernstein. Music: FM)
  9. Means & the sea (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Voice: Einheit, Zielinski. Music: FM)
  10. Largo (Music: FM) from the Radio Drama Neuschwanenland-Symphonie
  11. Tutuguri Antonin Artaud
  12. Soul Beauty (Text: Poetry Machine. Voices: Einheit, Poetry Machine. Music: FM)
  13. Listen to how the wind blows (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Voice: Einheit, Zielinski. Music: FM)

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