FM Модуль #8. L’exposition d’un reve

The exhibition of a dream / L’exposition d’un reve revolves within the complex beauty of dreams, and wonders how to generate a dream – to create a mental images within the mind of the spectator. To quote Yoko Ono, «A dream you dream alone may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is a reality». The exhibition of a dream proposes to experience, through a sensitive architecture solely made of sounds (in all its materiality – spoken words, polyphony, songs, choir…), the creation of a series of mental images as one listens and experiences these remastered sounds. 
The exhibition is the dream trace of a moment, of an event. It is what is left of the distortion of what occurred, a dream as a temporary archive of what has been done. Interpreted, each of the dreams acquires its reality during the public and private recording in the amphitheatre and the music studios of the Gulbenkian Foundation. The «interpreted material» give its existence to what is to come, generating the material for an exhibition. 

Public in private (the dream apparatus) is the language of the wor(l)d.

An exhibition conceived the way one does a music album – 12 dreams, 12 songs, 12 moments, 12 voices, all disembodied in space – an experience, shared, and to be shared. This exhibition encompasses both a pleasure garden, a zen garden as an abstract pattern, generating
Exhibition Bouquet

Dreams by:
Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Lee Ranaldo, Susan Stenger, David Link, Pierre Paulin, Tim Etcells, Gabriel Abrantes, FM Einheit, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

FM Einheit, Volker Kamp, Saskia von Klitzing, Robert Poss, Susan Stenger, the Gulbenkian Choir

FM Einheit, Lee Ranaldo, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Susan Stenger, Erika Stucky

Excerpt from The exhibition of dream

  1. Memory (Music & voice: FM Einheit)
  2. Alpine Traum (Text: Lee Ranaldo, music: FM Einheit)
  3. The Seven Year Dream (Music: FM Einheit)
  4. Death Progression (Text: David Link, voice: Erika Stucky & FM Einheit, music: FM Einheit)
  5. Dark Dream (in D) (Text & voice: Susan Stenger, music: FM Einheit)
  6. The Dungeon (Music: FM Einheit)
  7. FFW (Music: FM Einheit)
  8. Carpet (Music: FM Einheit)
  9. Creation Recreated (Text & voice: Genesis Bryer P-orridge, music: FM Einheit)

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