FM Module #9. Schnittstelle — Interface 1

Episode 9 of FM Module is on air. This double feature is dedicated to the Interface — the great and fear-inducing, the close and unreachable.

Interfaces are what unites and disjoints the world which used to be whole but has long been viewed as a paradigm of binary oppositions. Today, the language of communication between man and technology is becoming total. Artificial intelligence not only encompasses our environment but also infiltrates our own body and mind. Everything is coming back to square one: the world is transforming yet again into an endless whole, but this time under the sign of the Interface heralding the era of transhumanism. Alexander R. Galloway writes: “Once it has emerged, the form grows stronger and taller. But rarely does one ask it whether it is smart or not.”

The question is asked by the guests of the episode: Benjamin Bratton, Katharina Franck, Alexander R. Galloway, HAL, Ernst Junger, Khan, Volker Kamp, Saskia von Klitzing, Jamie Lidell, David Link_Poetry Machine, Alexander Moissi, Heiner Muller, Gunter Ruger, and Siegfried Zielinski. 

Track list

  1. Leaving_Untouched (Text: Poetry Machine David Link. Music: FM Einheit. Voice: Jamie Lidell)
  2. Art + Apparatus (Text & voice: Siegfried Zielinski. Music & voice: FM Einheit)
  3. The languages of machine interaction _Interaction (Text & voice: Benjamin Bratton Musik: FM Einheit)
  4. Isolation (Text & voice: Khan. Music: FM Einheit)
  5. Flocks (Text & voice: Alexander R. Galloway. Music: FM Einheit)
  6. Interface (Text: Poetry Machine (David Link). Music: FM Einheit. Voice: Poetry machine, FM Einheit) 
  7. The languages of machine interaction _AI (Text: Benjamin Bratton. Music: FM Einheit. Voice: Benjamin Bratton, HAL)
  8. Caldeira – mein Mund (Text & voice: Katharina Franck. Music: FM Einheit)
  9. The languages of machine interaction _Turing  (Text & voice: Benjamin Bratton. Music: FM Einheit)
  10. S3 (Music: FM Einheit. Voices: Berlin train dispatcher) – from the radio drama „zu-rueck bleiben!“
  11. Schnittstelle Tattoo (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit. Voice: FM Einheit, Siegfried Zielinski)
  12. Is a form smart or not? (Tex & voice: Alexander R. Galloway. Music: FM Einheit)

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