FM Module #14. Touch

“Life Amidst The Pandemic” is the topic for season 2 of FM Module. Episode 14, which opens the new season, is focused on “touch” in the sense we know from the contemporary media reality.

We are surrounded by computers — from smartphones to “smart homes” — at all times. Computers have become the primary embodiment of communication. This kind of environment creates new tactility and, as a result, a new type of relationship between a personality and the rest of the world. Culture is not just reproduced now, like German philosopher Benjamin suggested; instead, it surrounds us and penetrates our bodies through the endless streams of data and the cold light of the screens.

Featured in the episode: Andreas Ammer, Bertolt Brecht, John Cage, Sjang Coenen, Marlene Dietrich, Eraserhead, Fahrenheit 451, Alexander Hacke, Volker Kamp, Saskia von Klitzing, Anita Lane, David Link, Peter Lorre, Poetry Machine, Markus Meyer, Heiner Muller, Gunter Ruger, Henning Schmidgen, Stasi, Susan Stenger, Siegfried Zielinski

Track list

01. touched (FM Einheit)

Poetry Machine: what do you know more milky than this?

02. The dialects of touch #1 (Text & voice: Henning Schmidgen. Music: FM Einheit)

Heiner Muller: Lautsprecherstimme…Beifall aus dem Lautsprecher.

03. Sweet Dreams (Text: Poetry Machine. Music: FM Einheit)
04. Dieses Herz (Text: Bertold Brecht. Music: FM Einheit)

John Cage: I want something I don’t yet know.

05. down the touches (Text: Poetry Machine. Music: FM Einheit)
06. The dialects of touch_tactile modernity (Text & voice: Henning Schmidgen. Music: FM Einheit)

Poetry Machine: We will now see further with our world.

07. Zwei Bucherzerreissmaschinen und mehrere kleine mechanische Objekte (FM Einheit, Andrew Unruh & the Anarchivists)
08. touchable_untouchable (Text & voice: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)

John Cage: to reach the impossibility of transferring from one like image to another, the memory imprint. We don’t have to have tradition if we somehow free ourselves from our memory.

09. The dialects of touch_Data_Capta (Text & voice: Henning Schmidgen. Music: FM Einheit)
10. defending phrase (FM Einheit from the ballet Sensation death)

Stasi: Teilnehmer…Bitte,…was wunschen sie bitte…was mochten sie bitte?

11. Poverty & Proximity (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Music& voice: FM Einheit)
12. The dialects of touch_Conclusion (Text & voice: Henning Schmidgen. Music: FM Einheit)
13. Im Paradies (Text: Andreas Ammer. Music: FM Einheit) from the Radio Drama lost & found: das Paradies

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