FM Модуль #5. Resistance

Tonights Broadcast 
is brought to you from the hidden composer in residence
FM модуль

Our guests tonight are Andreas Ammer Abwarts, Jorg Bochow, Bertold Brecht, Rica Blunck, Casper Brotzmann, William Burroughs, Chor der Oper Bonn, Marcel Duchamp, En Esch, Volker Kamp, Saskia von Klitzing, Jamie Lidell,  David Link, Heiner Muller, Andy Muller-Maguhn, Mona Mur, Genesis Breyer P – Orridge,  Susan Stenger, Mika Vainio, Ilpo Vaisanen, Siegfried Zielinski

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Track list

1. Aus einem Lesebuch fur Stadtebewohner (Text: Bertolt Brecht, Musik:EEM* Stimme: En Esch )
2. Radio Kebab takes over the airwaves (Radio Kebab, Flyer, ca. 1980 Stimme: Siegfried Zielinski)
Turkenblues (Abwarts, 1980)

WB: …a word of warning

3. OTKAS: STEP BACK AND LOOK DEEPER (Text:Jorg Bochow Musik:VVE* Stimme: Erika Stucky)

PM: To do so one must first make a late will

4. Rowa Axis (Caspar Brotzmann/FM Einheit from the album Merry Christmas)

HM: Ich hatte einen Traum. Einen Albtraum. Ich wachte auf und alles war in Ordnung

5. FM (Text: Poetry Machine* Musik: FM Einheit  Stimmen: Rica Blunck/FM Einheit)

WB: I can feel the heat closing in

6. I am electric (Musik & Gesang: FM Einheit, Text: Siegfried Zielinski)

GPO: Who is that?  codes. When you record them and than you record them again they’ll keep changing. To much DNS not enough RNS

7. alchemy
    art = resistance *
    (Musik & Gesang: FM Einheit, Text: Siegfried Zielinski)
8. 6 versus 60 Millionen (Ammer/Einheit from the Opera  Alzheimer 2000 – Toter Trakt Oper Bonn 2000)
9. aus einem Lesebuch fur Stadtebewohner (Text: Berthold Brecht Musik: EEM Stimme Mona Mur)

GPO: Information is like a bank. Some of us are rich, some of us are poor with information. All of us can be rich. Our job, your job is to rob the bank. to kill the guards  go out there and destroy power.

10. Fahndungsplakat (Ammer/Einheit from the Opera  Alzheimer 2000 – Toter Trakt Oper Bonn 2000)

WB: I’m evidently he is an idea of a character

11. Disobey (Text: David Link Musik: FM Einheit Stimme: Jamie Lidell  live @ ZKM 9.11.2004 for the Album Echohce)

HM: Neue Lieder aus dem Kessel

12. Audience squated factory Bochum 16.08.1981 @ Einsturzende Neubauten concert
The audience was louder than the band
13. Resistance against Escaping from Reality (Text: Andy Muller-Maguhn Musik: Brotzmann/Einheit)
     1 – What shall that be, Reality?
     2 – Internet: original hope and todays status
     3 – Associal Media
     4 – Plattform Realities
     5 – Pandemic Realitiy
     6 – How trust was lost
     7 – Scalable Implication of lack of trust
     8 – Resistance

14. An/Aus (FM Einheit/David Link excerpt from „Weibel Tribute“)  

WB: But we will survive. we will increase both in size and in numbers. And we will continue to dominate  this planet as we have done for 300 Million years, Bigger is better and Biggest is best

15. Blip (Text: Poetry Machine Musik & Stimme: FM Einheit from the song cycle Radar Angel)  
16. aus einem Lesebuch fur Stadtebewohner (Text: Berthold Brecht Musik: EEM Stimme Mona Mur)

PM: But then when you have accelerate.

17. new faculties (Musik & Gesang: FM Einheit, Text/Stimme: Siegfried Zielinski)

MD: …ready-made intention…

* EEM: FM Einheit En Esch Mona Mur
* VVE: Mika Vainio Ilpo Vaisanen FM Einheit
* Poetry Machine: David Link



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