FM Модуль #7. Time

Episode 7 of FM Module is dedicated to time — the wildest, most fleeting part of our existence. We can count time like money, yet we do not always have full control over it.

German philosopher Max Horkheimer’s quote touches upon the link between the two main human resources: «…time is not money, but money is time, as well as health, happiness, love, intelligence, honour, peace. For it is a lie that if you have time, you also have money; with mere time you won’t get any money but vice versa is certainly true.»

In this episode, ponderings on time are shared by:
Antonin Artaud, Augustinus Aurelius, Erich Biegel, Rica Blunck, Lemmy Caution, Teodor Currentzis, Алексей Гастев, Infossil digital corrective, Volker Kamp, Saskia von Klitzing, David Link (Poetry Machine), Jennifer Minetti, musicAeterna, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Pan Sonic, Gunter Ruger, Michael Saup aka Johnson Johan Johan, Jasmin Tabatabai, Siegfried Zielinski, Andreas Ammer.   

Track list


  1. time of joy (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)
  2. digital declaration of the infossil corrective (Text: Michael Saup. Music: FM Einheit)
  3. Purple Blues (Text: David Link. Music: FM Einheit)
  4. Trostlos (Text: Andreas Ammer. Music: FM Einheit)
  5. Time-the destroyer of time (Text: Michael Saup. Music: FM Einheit)
  6. Der Geregte (Voice: Jennifer Minetti. Text: Werner Schwab. Musik: FM Einheit)
  7. Augustinus Aurelius (Text: Augustinus Aurelius. Music: FM Einheit)
  8. Kairos Poetry (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)
  9. Order 01 (Text: Алексей Гастев. Music: FM Einheit)
  10. Immersion (Text: Erich Kastner. Music: FM Einheit)
  11. Something (Music: FM Einheit)
  12. Ticke Tacke (Text: Siegfried Zielinski. Music: FM Einheit)

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